Eunorau Flash Ebike: Unleash the Power of Triple-Battery Performance

220-mile range, multiple motor options, and incredible customizability

The Eunorau Flash ebike is a moto-inspired electric bicycle and moped hybrid that stands out with its triple-battery configuration, allowing for a remarkable 220-mile range. The bike has launched on Indiegogo to raise production funds and generate interest, offering various configuration options and add-ons.

The Flash comes with three motor options: a 750-W rear-hub motor with 67.8 lb.ft of torque, a 1,500-W all-wheel-drive model with two 750-W hub motors that produce 135.7 lb.ft of torque, and a 1,000-W mid-drive motor with responsive torque sensing, delivering 162 lb.ft of torque.

The default setup includes a single 52-V/16-Ah battery pack under the seat. However, riders can add a 52-V/21-Ah “fuel-tank” pack for double the per-charge range or even an optional third 52-V/17-Ah pack mounted to the downtube. This setup provides a combined total of up to 220 miles of pedal-assist or 110 miles on throttle-only mode.

The Flash's aluminum frame can be configured with a suspension fork only or dual shocks at the back. It accommodates riders between 5.18 and 6.3 ft in height and has a maximum weight capacity of 440 lb. Riders can also add racks/baskets for cargo hauling.

Equipped with 20-inch wheels and CST Scout E-Moped tires, the Flash features four-piston hydraulic disc brakes with 180-mm rotors and motor cut-off. The bike has an integrated headlight and tail-light, a padded seat for two, and a full-color mid-handlebar display for ebike status and ride information. A companion mobile app provides additional data.

Indiegogo perks for the Flash Lite model start at $1,499, while the AWD version is $1,699, and the mid-drive ebike is $1,899. All perk levels include a single battery pack, with additional packs and other extras available as options. Shipping is estimated to begin in August, assuming the already-funded campaign goes as planned.


  1. Impressive range: With the triple-battery configuration, the Eunorau Flash offers an exceptional range of up to 220 miles on pedal-assist mode or 110 miles on throttle-only mode.
  2. Multiple motor options: The Flash provides three motor options (750-W rear-hub, 1,500-W all-wheel-drive, and 1,000-W mid-drive), catering to different rider preferences and requirements.
  3. Customizability: The bike's various configuration options and add-ons allow riders to personalize their experience, including suspension choices and cargo-carrying options.
  4. Robust build: The aluminum frame is designed to accommodate riders between 5.18 and 6.3 ft in height and has a maximum weight capacity of 440 lb, making it suitable for a wide range of users.
  5. Safety features: The Flash is equipped with an integrated headlight, tail-light, and hydraulic disc brakes with motor cut-off, enhancing safety while riding.


  1. Cost: The price for the Eunorau Flash, especially when adding optional extras, can be relatively high compared to other ebikes on the market.
  2. Crowdfunding risks: As the bike is launched on Indiegogo, there are inherent risks associated with crowdfunding campaigns, such as potential delays or issues with production and delivery.
  3. Size and weight: With its sturdy frame, motor, and battery options, the Flash may be heavier and bulkier than some other ebikes, potentially making it harder to maneuver or transport.
  4. Complexity: The numerous configuration options and add-ons may be overwhelming for some riders, making it challenging to decide which setup is best for their needs.
  5. Limited availability: As the bike is currently available only through the Indiegogo campaign, potential customers cannot test ride or experience the bike in person before making a purchase decision.

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