Envo Flex Snowbike first of its kind pedal-assist snow ebike

Not the world's first electric snowbike

The Envo Flex Snowbike is not the first electric snowbike. That title goes to the Moonbike as far as we know or the Arosno E-trace if we're talking about pedal assist. But the Moonbike does not have pedals and the E-trace looks like a recumbent bike. The Envo Flex on the other hand has pedal assist, looks like a regular bike with a snowmobile track and also foldable. It's the first-of-its-kind electric snowbike.

Engineered in Canada, the Flex has a suspension fork, a little snowboard in place of the front wheel, and a snowmobile-style track in place of the rear wheel.

The track is powered by the user via the pedals and a hub motor with 1500W max power for a top speed of 12 mph (20km/h) and the ability to climb to 25% hill grades. Because it's an electric snowbike, it's a lot lot quieter than a snowmobile and emission-free.

A 48V/17.5Ah (840Wh) battery pack provides the juice for 9-31 miles (15-50 km) depending on the terrain and level of assistance. There are five different levels of motor assist to choose from. You can connect two batteries at the same time for extended range.

The battery charge level can seen on. the bar-mounted LCD screen along with speed and distance travelled data.

The Envo Flex Snowbike can be converted into normal bikes

In most places, it's not always snowy. Since the Snowbike is essentially a normal e-bike with snowmobile “shoes”, you can convert it to the Flex Overland off-road cargo ebike on warmer days if you purchased the necessary extras.

There's also a conversion kit that lets you convert your normal bike to a snowbike. The Flex Snowbike currently cost $4,529 and conversion kit is $2,987 without the snowboard and battery. The battery would set you back $958 and the snowboard $161 so the full conversion kit costs $4106, which is not far from the price of the snowbike.


  • Quiet
  • Does not pollute the air
  • Great exercise
  • Slot for extra battery
  • Can be converted to a normal bike


  • Too expensive for many
  • Slower and less powerful than more expensive options
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