Energica Experia: Blending High-Tech Power with Sustainable Design for the Ultimate Electric Ride

Green touring with electric thrill

Imagine embarking on a journey where the horizon never ends, each vista seamlessly fading into the next, the air charged with exhilaration and the sweet, intoxicating scent of freedom. No guilt, no remorse, no looking back – just you, your steed, and the ever-changing landscape that's rendered all the more vibrant, all the more real, thanks to the low hum of the Energica Experia beneath you.

This isn't just any motorcycle – it's a symbol, a statement, a vision realized. Born to be wind, the Experia is an electric Green Tourer motorcycle that harnesses the power of nature, offering a no-emission journey towards the unknown. Ten years of racing, design, and manufacturing expertise have culminated in a machine that's eco-conscious, yet unapologetically powerful.

What strikes you about the Experia isn't just its zero-emission commitment, but its exhilarating performance. With a brand new motor and battery, the nimble machine confidently flaunts an impressive 60kW/80Hp at 7000 rpm, peaking at 75kW/100Hp at 7500 rpm. The redesigned PMASynRM motor is lighter, strategically positioned lower for improved rideability, and cranks out torque like a dream – 115 Nm / 85 ft lb. to be precise.

As for the battery, let's just say that it isn't your run-of-the-mill power source. In fact, it's the largest in its class – 22.5 kWh maximum and 19.6 kWh nominal. This increased capacity doesn't mean excess weight. Instead, it's lighter with a different mass distribution, making the Experia a true pleasure to command across varied terrains.

The journey is made even more comfortable with voluminous hard side panniers and a top case, collectively offering 112 liters of storage. So pack in your gloves, your rain suit, your charging cables, and let nothing hold you back.

Apart from its electric prowess, the Experia is also a technological marvel. It offers seven riding profiles, four riding modes (Eco, Urban, Rain, Sport), and four regenerative modes. The 5″ IPS high-resolution color display is an interactive dashboard that keeps you updated with critical metrics in real-time. A dual Microcontroller ARM-based VCU constantly monitors the battery, even when the key is off. What's more, a Cruise Control system is in place for maintaining speed and enhancing braking energy. Safety, as they say, is never an afterthought.

Now, let's get to the aesthetics. The Experia stands tall with a height of 57.5″, flaunting its silhouette in Metal Black, Flame White, or Bormio Ice. With a comfortable seat height of 33.3″, it's a bike that promises a thrilling yet secure ride. From the cast aluminum wheels shod with Pirelli Scorpion Trail II to the robust front steel tubular trellis, every inch of this Green Tourer oozes class and confidence.

And finally, the price. Starting at $23,750, it's a ticket to a future where travel is environmentally friendly yet uncompromising on performance and style. A two-year vehicle warranty and a three-year/31,000 miles warranty on the battery seal the deal, making the Energica Experia a machine that's purpose-built for the adventurer, the environmentalist, and the thrill-seeker.

So, let's gear up, mount this beauty, and chase the horizon. After all, at the end of one horizon is another, waiting to be discovered, experienced, and cherished.


  1. Zero Emissions: As an electric motorcycle, the Energica Experia offers an environmentally-friendly transportation solution, perfect for the eco-conscious rider.
  2. High Performance: Despite being electric, the Experia doesn't compromise on power. It offers impressive torque and power outputs, enabling thrilling rides.
  3. Long Range: With the largest battery in its class, the Experia offers a significant range that rivals many petrol-powered counterparts. This is particularly useful for long rides or journeys.
  4. Superior Technology: The motorcycle features advanced technology, including multiple riding profiles and modes, a high-resolution dashboard, and a Vehicle Control Unit that monitors battery health even when off.
  5. Comfort and Convenience: Adjustable windscreens, ample luggage capacity, and multiple USB ports enhance rider comfort and convenience, especially on long trips.
  6. Design and Style: With its sleek design, the Energica Experia is not only functionally superior but also a treat to the eyes.


  1. Price: Starting at $23,750, the Energica Experia is a significant investment. Its price point may make it less accessible for some potential riders.
  2. Limited Charging Infrastructure: As with any electric vehicle, accessibility to charging stations can be a concern, especially in less urbanized areas or during long-distance travels.
  3. Battery Lifespan: While the battery offers an impressive range, its lifespan can be a concern. It offers 1200 cycles at 80% capacity, after which the performance might start declining.
  4. Weight: The motorcycle weighs 573 lbs., which could be a challenge for some riders, especially in urban environments or when maneuvering in tight spaces.
  5. Limited Top Speed: With a top speed limited at 112 mph, the Energica Experia may not satisfy speed enthusiasts who crave higher velocity.


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