ANE Motorcycles Bond Street Leather Jacket: American Craftsmanship Meets Japanese Aesthetics

Stylish, Durable, Comfortable, Protective, Artisanal

In the heart of the city that never sleeps, an urban artisan meticulously shapes a masterpiece that fuses style and functionality. They call it The Bond Street Leather Jacket by JANE Motorcycles, a testament to the craftsmanship that hails from the epicenter of trends and fashion – New York City.

The heart of this jacket, the fabric, isn't just any run-of-the-mill material. This 1.1mm natural grain American cowhide, chosen for its superior quality and durability, has a supple feel that adapts to your form from the first wear, defying the conventional notion of a break-in period. It's like slipping into a well-worn glove, comfort and fit perfectly intertwined.

There's a rugged charm to it, elevated by the thoughtful integration of the YKK Excella zippers gracing the front and chest. Not just the epitome of smooth operation, these zippers add an understated element of sophistication to the jacket's overall look, rivaled only by the practical inclusion of hand and chest pockets.

But it doesn't just stop at exterior impressions. Peek inside, and you're greeted by a Japanese over-dyed camouflage twill liner, a stylish nod to the East. This, paired with the wool-nylon blend ribbed collar armpit gussets, balances breathability with warmth, embodying the best of both worlds.

Of course, what truly sets this piece apart is its dual utility. Intentionally designed with pockets to accommodate D30 protection for the elbow, shoulder, and back, it transitions seamlessly from a fashion statement to a protective piece of riding gear.

It's a little extravagant, yes, priced at $1,250. But this jacket isn't just about protecting your skin; it's about wearing a story, a lifestyle, a passion. It's about embracing the freedom of the open road and the grumbling symphony of a motorcycle underneath you. It's a testament to artistry and style, a classic café-style jacket that's as much at home on a bike as it is in a upscale gastro-pub.

After all, why choose between form and function when you can have them both, served up in a package as alluring as The Bond Street Leather Jacket. Wear it, live in it, ride in it – this piece was crafted to be more than just a jacket. It's a companion for life's grand adventures.


  1. Top-tier Material: The jacket is made from 1.1mm natural grain American cowhide, known for its durability and high quality.
  2. Immediate Comfort: Unlike many leather jackets, there's no break-in period required for this one, offering instant comfort from the first wear.
  3. Utility and Style: The YKK Excella front and chest zippers, along with hand and chest pockets, provide a fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  4. Protective Gear: The jacket features pockets for D30 armor at the shoulder, elbow, and back, transitioning it from a style statement to a protective riding gear.
  5. Unique Lining: The Japanese over-dyed camouflage twill liner lends an element of unique style to the piece.
  6. Breathable Design: The wool-nylon blend ribbed collar armpit gussets balance warmth with breathability, providing comfort in various weather conditions.
  7. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Handmade in small batches in New York City, the jacket showcases superior craftsmanship and a distinct, boutique quality.


  1. Pricey: Priced at $1,250, the jacket could be considered an extravagant investment for some, and may not suit all budgets.
  2. Limited Protection: While the D30 armor inserts provide a degree of protection, they're not included with the jacket, and would need to be purchased separately. This increases the total cost and may not provide as comprehensive protection as dedicated motorcycle armor.
  3. One Design: The jacket comes in a specific café-style design with a camouflage inner lining. Those looking for a simpler design, or a different style of jacket, may find the options limited.
  4. Availability: Being produced by hand in small batches could mean the jacket isn't readily available at all times, and potential buyers might have to wait for their specific size or deal with sold-out situations.


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