Dr. Dish Home allows you to practice 1,200 basketball shots per hour

Does more than just improve free-throws

The Dr. Dish Home is a high-tech basketball shooting assistant machine designed for home use. It is a versatile and innovative machine that can be used for a wide variety of basketball drills and training exercises, making it an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their basketball skills and shooting accuracy.

The Dr. Dish Home features a large net on top to catch made and missed shot and deposits the ball to the machine's launcher which then launches it into the direction it is facing. The net is high to make sure it catches every shot and it also forces the player to use proper technique and shoot at a higher arc to make the shot. It can also be adjusted to cater for a player's age or level of skill.

The launcher can be programmed using a smartphone app the direction the ball is launched, how many launches to make, the tempo, and it allows you to do drills. A lever at the back of the machine allows you to choose between 5 passing distances. Each shot from every angle is tracked using a mechanical shot counter built into the machine. Shooting accuracy stats can be viewed from the app.

The machine is not just for shooting skills. You can also subscribe to a membership that gives you access to over 200 on-demand workouts to not only improve your shooting skills but also ball handling skills and agility.

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