Discover the One-of-a-Kind Merrell Moab 3 Scrap Hiking Shoes

Sustainable, Unique, Comfortable, Durable, Versatile

Imagine strapping on a pair of shoes that whisper secrets of trails not yet traveled, forests not yet explored, and journeys that promise something more than just a change of scenery. Enter the Merrell Moab 3 Scrap—footwear designed not just for the path ahead, but also for the world we share. It's a shoe that's as concerned about the footprint it leaves on the Earth as it is about the support it provides underfoot. And let's talk about that support—the insole is a game-changer, cushioning each step, and the midsole feels like it was modeled from your own arches. As for the Vibram outsole, let's just say it grips like an old friend's handshake—firm, reassuring, and ready for anything.

The Moab 3 Scrap speaks to us wanderers, you and me, the ones who think the destination is just an excuse for the journey. It's built for both the beaten path and the road less traveled, but also for a planet that's asking us, begging us really, to tread lightly. The upper of the shoe is a patchwork of purpose, stitched together from scrap material that could've been tossed away but now tells a different kind of story. A story of sustainability, where every discarded piece gets a second act.

No two pairs are the same. Each shoe is a unique artifact, not just of design, but of intent. Even the laces and webbing are recycled, a small but vital step toward a sustainable future. And they've thought of everything—the bellows tongue keeps out the debris you'll inevitably kick up on your walks through the wild, while the protective toe cap ensures that the only things getting bruised are your ego and maybe your pride if you trip over a rogue root.

The shoe is a symphony of details that matter. It's breathable, but not in a way that leaves you frosty when the temperature drops. The lining takes care of that, offering just the right amount of air circulation. And for the long treks, when your feet might otherwise revolt against you in a musky chorus of displeasure, these shoes have natural odor control. Your tent mates will thank you.

The price? $130. And hey, they throw in a pair of hiking socks for free. Trust me, the socks matter. But you're not just buying a pair of shoes. You're investing in a mindset, a philosophy if you will, that says the great outdoors are great only as long as we treat them with the respect they deserve.

These are not just shoes; they're a call to action, wrapped around your feet. So, lace them up and hit the trail. The world is waiting, and it's magnificent.


  1. Sustainability: The Merrell Moab 3 Scrap is made of upcycled materials, which aligns with a more eco-friendly lifestyle. A major win for those concerned about their environmental footprint.
  2. Unique Design: Each pair is one-of-a-kind due to the use of scrap materials, adding an exclusive touch to your outdoor gear.
  3. Out-of-the-Box Comfort: Known for immediate comfort, this version also incorporates a supportive insole and cushioned midsole, allowing you to tackle trails with less break-in time.
  4. Durability and Grip: The Vibram Ecostep Recycle outsole is made with 30% recycled rubber, offering durability and strong grip on both wet and dry surfaces.
  5. All-Around Functionality: Features like the bellows tongue, abrasion-resistant toe cap, and Merrell Air Cushion make this shoe versatile for various types of terrain and hiking conditions.
  6. Breathability and Odor Control: The 100% recycled breathable mesh lining and natural odor control treatment help to maintain a more comfortable and less odorous environment inside the shoe.
  7. Free Hiking Sock: The inclusion of a free hiking sock with each purchase is a thoughtful extra that complements the overall hiking experience.


  1. Price: At $130, these aren't the most affordable option for casual hikers or those on a tight budget.
  2. Color Variation: While uniqueness is a pro for many, some might prefer uniformity in color and design, which this shoe does not offer.
  3. Limited Supply: The nature of using scrap materials might mean these shoes are available in limited quantities, making it hard to find your size or a replacement pair in the future.
  4. Drop and Lug Size: The drop of 11.5mm and a lug size of 5mm may not suit everyone’s biomechanical needs or specific trail conditions.
  5. Heavier Midsole: The cushioned midsole, although comfortable, might add some weight, potentially making it less ideal for those who prefer lightweight hiking footwear.
  6. Not Valid on Prior Purchases: The free sock offer doesn't apply to previous purchases, which might disappoint loyal customers who missed out on this deal.

In the end, the Merrell Moab 3 Scrap is a conscientiously-designed hiking shoe that goes beyond just meeting the functional needs of an outdoor enthusiast. While it may not be perfect for everyone, it certainly challenges the status quo in the outdoor gear industry, making strides toward sustainability.


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