Santa Cruz Skitch: Elevate Your Commute & Off-Road Adventures

Versatile, Fast, Lightweight, Powerful, Sleek

Some things in life are about more than mere function; they're about an experience, a new way to see the world. Santa Cruz's Skitch isn't just another bike—it's a revelation in how we move through our urban jungles and beyond. It's the needle that threads the labyrinth, the key that unlocks the city. Not just a ride, but an exhilarating experience that turns the mundane into adventure.

Let's get into the nuts and bolts—or, I should say, the CC carbon frame and 430 Wh battery. With a full carbon frame, this bike is both robust and nimble, clocking in at just 30 pounds. It's a two-wheeled falcon, ready to pounce or soar as the situation demands. Its power is boosted by the Fazua Ride 60 motor that's as quiet as it is effective. The Skitch won't just give you a push; it will shoot you up that hill you've always dreaded and make you feel like the king of the asphalt.

But you're not just tied to the asphalt. The Skitch gives you options, and in a world where we often find ourselves confined, that's nothing short of liberating. You can go for the drop-bar version, built for long-range gravel adventures, or opt for the flat-bar style, perfect for slicing through downtown gridlock. It's not about changing the bike for the terrain; it's about changing your perspective on what a bike ride can be.

And, my God, the speed. Forget everything you think you know about ebikes. The Skitch can get you up to 28 mph, aided by 60 Nm of torque. It's fast but not frantic, a level of speed that keeps the ride exhilarating without making you feel like you're gambling with your life. And on a single charge, you're looking at a range of over 60 miles. That's not a commute; that's a journey, an epic poem written in twists, turns, and straightaways.

As for customization, the Skitch comes with SRAM Apex and GX AXS build packages. And while those letters and numbers might sound like jargon, what they translate to is high-grade parts that match the bike's premium aesthetic and performance. You can feel the quality in every pedal, every squeeze of the hydraulic disc brake.

Look, let's get real about the price. It's steep, but what you're buying is far more than a bike. It's the chance to rediscover your surroundings, to reimagine your daily routines, to reclaim your freedom. When was the last time you found yourself grinning ear-to-ear during your daily commute? With the Skitch, that experience is not only possible but downright expected.

The Skitch isn't just another flashy gadget; it's a commitment to a different kind of life—one less constrained, more attuned to the world around you. Whether you're tackling your daily commute or the rugged trails of the backcountry, it promises to make the ride not just faster but infinitely more enjoyable. You're not just buying a bike, you're buying a new lens through which to see the world. And once you see it, there's no going back.


  1. High-Speed Capability: With a top speed of 28 mph, the Skitch is a genuine speedster. It ensures a fast commute and gives a thrilling ride on open terrains.
  2. Lightweight Frame: The full CC carbon frame offers the perfect balance between robustness and agility, making it ideal for quick maneuvers in traffic or on trails.
  3. Versatile Design: Available in both flat-bar and drop-bar configurations, the bike can suit various riding styles—from urban commuting to off-road gravel biking.
  4. Impressive Range: With over 60 miles per full battery charge, the Skitch offers a wide operational radius, perfect for long commutes or extensive outdoor rides.
  5. Powerful Torque: The 60 Nm of torque ensures that hills and steep inclines can be tackled with relative ease, making for a less exhausting ride.
  6. Quality Components: The option between SRAM Apex and GX AXS build packages ensures you get high-grade, reliable components.
  7. Low Weight: Tipping the scales at around 30 pounds, it's a breeze to navigate or carry up a flight of stairs.
  8. Integrated Tech: The Fazua Ride 60 system and other integrated controls are sleek and non-intrusive, allowing you to focus on the ride rather than managing your machine.


  1. High Price Point: Starting at $5,999, this is not a bike for the budget-conscious. The premium features come with a premium price tag.
  2. Limited Color Options: Only available in flat olive green, which may not suit everyone's taste.
  3. Battery Life Uncertainties: Like all electrically assisted bikes, the Skitch's performance and range are subject to battery life, which can degrade over time or under certain conditions.
  4. Not for Purists: Traditional biking enthusiasts might find the assisted ride less rewarding than a fully manual experience.
  5. Learning Curve: With multiple features and ride settings, it might take a while for some users to get fully accustomed to what the bike offers.
  6. Potential Overkill: For those who plan to use the bike solely for short, simple commutes, the Skitch's extensive feature set could be considered overkill.

In sum, the Santa Cruz Skitch is a top-of-the-line e-bike designed for those who seek quality, performance, and versatility in their two-wheeled machine. However, all this comes at a significant financial cost and might offer more than what's needed for straightforward, short-distance use.

From $5,999

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