DAMD LITTLE G Conversion: Unlock the G Wagon Charm in Your Suzuki Jimny!

G Wagon-inspired Jimny transformation

In the ever-evolving automotive landscape, it's not just about owning the biggest and flashiest rides. Sometimes, it's about personality, charm, and a nod to the classics. Enter the DAMD LITTLE G conversion for the Suzuki Jimny JB74, a delightful interpretation of the Suzuki's modest and rugged design.

When Suzuki unveiled the newest generation of Jimny, eyes widened, and whispers circled the automotive scene. What got everyone talking even more? The DAMD LITTLE G conversion package. Here's a neat concept: take the charming, off-road capable Jimny and inject it with the DNA of an iconic Mercedes Benz G Wagon. The result? The “baby G” – a Suzuki Jimny that exudes the presence of its grandiose muse, but in a compact and lovable size.

DAMD, with its creative zest, had already won our admiration with the Jimny Defender Body Kit, a tribute to the Land Rover Defender. Now, with the Little G body kit, the Jimny can sport the facade of a miniature G-Class. And DAMD didn't stop with just one style. They've given enthusiasts a choice. If you're a fan of the original G-Class, with its unpainted plastic accents and retro aura, the “Traditional” style is your calling. Painted in a vibrant yellow, this style is both nostalgic and audacious, complete with yellow front bumper lights, retro wheels, and even a quaint roof basket.

But maybe your heart yearns for a sportier look, an echo of the AMG variant of the G-Class? Then the “Aventura” is tailored for you. Cloaked in a vivid green, it's dotted with faux intakes, body-colored add-ons, and black BBS-style alloy wheels. It even winks at the modern age with LED taillights.

And for those whose pulse races at the sight of the latest G-Class, the “Avance” in a spirited orange offers a contemporary charm. With body-colored headlight covers and a sleek Panamericana-style grille, it's a sprightly celebration of the current G-Class iteration.

Yet, for all its allure, the heartache for many is that the Suzuki Jimny remains elusive in North America. DAMD might be crafting these fantastic conversion kits, from the Defender to the Dronco, and now the Little G, but for many, it remains a tantalizing dream.

In conclusion, the DAMD LITTLE G conversion is not just a body kit; it's a statement, a tribute, and an ode to automotive legends. It's a bridge between the past and the present. And while it's essential to have the kit installed by a professional bodyshop to ensure it melds seamlessly, the price point makes it an enticing option for Jimny owners. The world of cars is vast and varied, and in a sea of giants, the DAMD LITTLE G stands out, proving that sometimes, it's the little things that make the most significant impact.


  1. Personality & Uniqueness: It allows Suzuki Jimny owners to have a vehicle that stands out from the crowd, infusing it with the style of the iconic Mercedes Benz G Wagon.
  2. Variety: With three distinct styles – Traditional, Aventura, and Avance – there's an aesthetic appeal for a range of tastes, from retro lovers to those seeking a modern flair.
  3. Quality Material: The conversion package is manufactured from ABS, a durable and lightweight material known for its resilience in the automotive world.
  4. Cost-Effective: Compared to purchasing a Mercedes Benz G Wagon, this conversion provides a more affordable option for those looking for a similar aesthetic.
  5. Tribute to Legends: The kit pays homage to iconic vehicles like the G Wagon and Land Rover Defender, combining the charm of these classics with the Jimny's practicality.


  1. Not Ready Out of the Box: The kit is supplied unpainted, meaning additional costs and efforts for painting.
  2. Professional Installation Required: The need for an experienced bodyshop for painting and installation could increase the overall cost and might be inconvenient for some.
  3. OEM Rear Bumper: The original OEM rear bumper of the Jimny is retained in this conversion, which some might find inconsistent with the transformed aesthetic.
  4. Limited to Certain Markets: While the kit increases the Jimny's allure, the vehicle itself remains unavailable in certain markets like North America, limiting the broader appeal of the product.
  5. Potential Resale Value Impact: Altering the original design and look of the Jimny might affect its resale value, as not every potential buyer may appreciate the modified aesthetics.
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