Dainese Super Speed 4 Leather Jacket: Cutting-edge MotoGP Technology Meets Classic Italian Design

Advanced Protection with Italian Style

In the wild, high-speed dance of the road, there are few companions as crucial as your armor. Your knightly shield. Your second skin. That's where the Dainese Super Speed 4 Leather Jacket comes into play. A testament to meticulous Italian craftsmanship and design, it's a piece that manages to artfully straddle the line between unflinching protection and understated style, much like a Renaissance masterpiece – only this one’s made for the thrill of the open road.

This sports motorcycle jacket is the antithesis of compromise. Cut from Tutu cowhide and punctuated with Microelastic 2.0 and S1 bi-elastic fabric inserts, it’s as if Michelangelo himself sculpted it to the human form. It’s designed to adhere to your every movement, making you and the jacket one on your iron steed.

What sets the Super Speed 4 apart in the crowd isn't its good looks alone. The real magic lies beneath the surface. The certified composite protectors on the elbows, the plastic RSS elbow sliders, and Pro-Armor protectors on the shoulders work in concert to protect you from the unforgiving asphalt. The shoulders also feature integrated metal plates, ensuring that you slide, not roll, should you meet the tarmac, thereby reducing the risk of potentially dangerous injuries.

Functionality doesn’t get left behind in the dust either. The jacket boasts a highly adjustable construction, with stretch detailing across the abdomen and torso to ensure a superior fit. Meanwhile, strategically placed ventilation zippers help regulate body temperature, keeping you cool as a cucumber even on those sun-soaked rides.

Key features like a jacket-pants fastening system and a lengthened back enhance the ergonomics, while the D-Skin cowhide leather offers superior abrasion resistance, thanks to its special treatment with resins and silicon waxes. Not to forget, the S1 fabric and Microelastic inserts provide comfort and promote airflow, ensuring you can focus on the road and not your outfit.

The Super Speed 4 is a veritable war chest of technological marvels. The Replaceable Slider System (RSS) from Dainese, for instance, is a game-changer. Designed with a unique quick-release system, it offers improved fit, reduces weight, and makes the slider replacement an absolute breeze.

But that's not all. The jacket is also fitted with Pro-Armor protectors on the elbows and shoulders. This isn't just any protective gear – these have been inspired by natural fractals, and are 40% ventilated, ensuring a high level of protection without sacrificing mobility or comfort.

In a world where speed and style go hand in hand, the Dainese Super Speed 4 Leather Jacket is a fusion of technological ingenuity and aesthetic panache. It's a statement piece that offers more than just good looks – it's a safeguard, a shield, and a companion that assures you can keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up. Safe travels, my friend.


  1. High-quality Materials: Crafted from D-Skin cowhide leather, the jacket is resistant to abrasion, traction, and tears. It's also fitted with S1 bi-elastic fabric and Microelastic 2.0 inserts for superior comfort and fit.
  2. Exceptional Protection: The jacket features certified Pro-Armor protectors on the elbows and shoulders, as well as composite protectors on the elbows, and integrated metal plates on the shoulders for increased safety.
  3. Advanced Features: The Dainese patented Replaceable Slider System (RSS) and quick-release elbow slider offer enhanced functionality and easy maintenance.
  4. Ergonomics and Comfort: This jacket is built for comfort with its stretch construction on the abdomen and torso, aerodynamic spoiler, and the jacket-pants fastening system. Plus, it's equipped with ventilation zippers for thermal comfort.
  5. Additional Safety Provisions: The jacket includes pockets for Double Chest protector and G1 & G2 back protectors, further enhancing safety.


  1. High Price Point: Priced at $899.95, the jacket might not be within reach for all riders, particularly those on a budget.
  2. Limited Ventilation: Despite the inclusion of ventilation zippers, for some riders, especially those in hot climates, this might not provide sufficient airflow.
  3. Weight: With the multitude of protective elements and features, the jacket might be heavier than some other models on the market.
  4. Complex Maintenance: With its advanced features and high-quality materials, the jacket may require more specific and careful maintenance compared to less technical models.


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