Apollo Pro: Tech-Integrated Scooter for the Futuristic Rider

Hyper-fast, tech-integrated electric scooter

There's an electric pulse in the air, an unmistakable buzz of anticipation. Something's coming. It's not just any electric scooter; it's a revved-up beast built for those seeking to break free from the ordinary, to move with an urgency that matches the rhythm of their lives. The Apollo Pro – it's more than just a way to get around, it's a statement of intent, a declaration of independence.

Welcome, my friends, to the age of the hyper scooter.

There's nothing ‘ordinary' about this machine. Its power source? A ferocious dual motor drive equipped with the proprietary MACH 2 controller, a breakthrough in scooter technology that results in top speeds of 44 mph and a cruising range of 63 miles on a single charge. It's a testament to man's endless desire to outpace, outlast, and outperform.

The Apollo Pro is a data beast too, its M2 controller amassing 22 data points every second, from GPS location to throttle input, making it an intelligent companion on your urban safari. Feel the adrenaline pumping as you navigate the concrete jungle, with the city's pulse beneath your feet and the wind in your face.

Yet, for all its raw power and cutting-edge technology, the Apollo Pro isn't a one-trick pony. Its real charm lies in its efficiency and elegance. The Power RBS throttle, with its regenerative braking system, has turned what was once a staple – the traditional brake – into a relic of the past. The cherry on top? Each stop you make breathes life back into your ride, recharging the battery up to 10%.

Let's not forget the unibody frame, a marvel of modern engineering, crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. It's robust, it's sleek, and it's prepared to carry you – up to 330 lbs of you – through rain, shine, or whatever else the elements might throw your way. All thanks to an IP66 water resistance rating.

The Apollo Pro doesn't skimp on the creature comforts either. Whether you're cruising down city streets or venturing off-road, the hydraulic front suspension and durable rear rubber suspension make sure every journey is as smooth as it is exciting.

The safety? Top-notch. With a 360-degree lighting system, you'll see and be seen, cutting through the night like a lighthouse in the dark. And if you're wondering about control – it's right there, at your fingertips, with wireless charging and an integrated Quadlock mount for your phone, transforming it into a high-tech scooter command center.

This isn't a ride for the casual commuter. The Apollo Pro is for the thrill-seekers, the tech-enthusiasts, the explorers. It's for those who stare down at their map and see not just streets and landmarks, but opportunities for adventure. Those who are ready to connect with the world in a whole new way, to feel the pulse of the city underfoot and ride the wave of the future.

So, are you ready to take on the Apollo Pro? It's time to disconnect from the mundane and connect with the extraordinary. This is your ride. This is your city. Outpace the ordinary. Go further. Go faster. Go Pro.


  1. Performance: With a dual motor drive and the proprietary MACH 2 controller, the Apollo Pro offers a record-breaking top speed of 44 mph and a range of up to 63 miles. This outpaces most electric scooters on the market.
  2. Technology Integration: The scooter collects 22 data points per second, and with GPS location tracking and a phone-as-display feature with wireless charging, it's one of the most technologically advanced scooters.
  3. Safety Features: The Apollo Pro has a unique 360-degree lighting system, enhancing safety by making the rider visible from all angles.
  4. Regenerative Braking: The Power RBS throttle, a regenerative braking system, not only provides smooth braking but also recovers energy, providing up to 10% battery recharge.
  5. Build Quality: The unibody frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum and an IP66 rating for water resistance make the scooter durable for both urban and off-road adventures.
  6. Comfort and Convenience: The scooter has front hydraulic suspension with 16 adjustable settings and self-healing tires, ensuring a smooth ride on diverse terrains.


  1. High Speeds May Increase Risk: While the top speed of 44 mph is impressive, it could also be risky, especially for inexperienced riders or in congested urban areas.
  2. Potential Overreliance on Phone: The phone-as-display feature, while innovative, might be distracting for some riders and could potentially increase the risk of accidents.
  3. Limited Sales Location: Currently, the Pro is only being sold directly by Apollo in North America, limiting its availability for customers in other parts of the world.
  4. Price and Accessibility: Given its high-end features and cutting-edge technology, the Apollo Pro is likely to be priced higher than the average electric scooter, potentially putting it out of reach for some customers.
  5. Weight Limit: While the scooter can handle up to 330lbs, individuals exceeding this weight limit won't be able to use the scooter, limiting its accessibility for heavier riders.
  6. Delivery Timeline: With delivery expected to start in November 2023, potential users will have a significant wait before they can start enjoying the product.
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