Dainese Sheffield D-Dry® XT Jacket: The All-Season Armor for Every Rider

All-weather, comfortable, protective motorcycle jacket

In the unpredictable world of two wheels, you never know where the road might take you. And, if you're like me, a seeker of unique experiences and authenticity, you need gear that's up for the challenge. That's where the Dainese Sheffield D-Dry® XT Jacket comes in—your all-season, all-occasion co-pilot.

The first thing you'll notice is how this jacket moves with you. You don't want to feel like you're wrapped in cardboard when you're winding through city streets or cruising down the open highway. Thanks to its extreme elasticity in four directions, the fabric traces your body's every twitch, lean, and stretch—both on and off your bike.

But let's talk about the elephant in the room: weather. In the spirit of embracing the unpredictable, this jacket's D-Dry® XT membrane is a game-changer. It's not just waterproof; it's breathable. That means you're protected from the elements—come rain, snow, or sleet—while avoiding that dreaded greenhouse effect that some waterproof gear creates. Sweat won't be your enemy here; the membrane ensures that any perspiration evaporates, keeping you cool and dry.

As for those colder days? The removable thermal liner makes this jacket more than just a fair-weather friend. It offers high heat insulation without turning you into the Michelin Man, so you stay warm without sacrificing agility.

Of course, we have to talk about the armor. This jacket employs Dainese's Pro-Shape 2.0 certified soft protectors on the shoulders and elbows. You might forget they're there, but make no mistake, they're working hard to keep you safe. These protectors bring together a sort of alchemy of impact absorption, flexibility, and comfort. They're so unobtrusive that you'll move with a freedom that belies the level of protection you're actually getting.

And what about practicality? Those four waterproof pockets on the front are more than just an afterthought. They're your secure stash for essentials like your smartphone, wallet, and keys. It’s a smart design that understands the real-world needs of riders.

To sum it up, the Dainese Sheffield D-Dry® XT Jacket isn't just a piece of gear; it's a commitment to a lifestyle—one that refuses to be limited by weather or circumstance. It's the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and protection, designed for those who view life as one big road trip with no predetermined destination. So suit up, because adventure calls, and it's not leaving a voicemail.


  1. All-Season Versatility: The D-Dry® XT membrane combined with a removable thermal liner makes this jacket suitable for all types of weather, from hot and rainy to cold and snowy.
  2. Freedom of Movement: The extreme 4-way stretch fabric ensures the jacket moves with you, not against you, making it ideal for active riders.
  3. High-Level Protection: The Pro-Shape 2.0 certified soft protectors provide robust safety for shoulders and elbows without compromising comfort or mobility.
  4. Breathability: The D-Dry® XT membrane is not only waterproof but also allows for effective evaporation of sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  5. Practical Design: Four waterproof pockets offer safe storage for essentials like a smartphone, wallet, and keys, making the jacket functional for everyday use.
  6. Quality Construction: High-quality materials and craftsmanship mean a durable jacket that will last through many seasons of riding.


  1. Price Point: At $429.95, the jacket might be considered expensive by some riders, particularly those new to the hobby.
  2. Medium Length: The jacket’s medium length might not offer full lower-back coverage, which could be a concern for some riders.
  3. No Mention of Back Protector: The description doesn't mention the inclusion of a back protector, which could be an additional purchase for those wanting full coverage.
  4. Limited Aesthetic Choices: The jacket is described as urban, which might not align with every rider's preferred style or aesthetic.
  5. Potential for Overheating: Despite its breathable technology, wearing any jacket in extremely hot weather may still result in some discomfort.
  6. Weight and Bulk: While it offers various features and protections, these can add to the overall weight and bulk of the jacket, potentially affecting ride comfort over long distances.

Overall, the Dainese Sheffield D-Dry® XT Jacket seems like a solid investment for the committed rider, offering a blend of comfort, protection, and practicality. However, it may not tick every box for every type of motorcyclist out there.


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