Wilde Supertramp: One Bike, Every Journey

Handmade, Versatile, Customizable, Tough, Light

The concept of one bike to rule them all isn't new. But the idea that one machine can transport you from the chaotic concrete jungles to the serenity of the backcountry, all while promising a ride as smooth as a glass of single malt, is something to stop and consider. Enter the Wilde Supertramp, a bike that wants to be your partner in crime whether you're snagging a baguette from the local bakery or traversing the Silk Road. No, not the dark web marketplace, the actual, literal Silk Road.

Let's talk about the bones of this beast. Handmade in Taiwan by the venerable Maxway factory, the frame is an alchemy of double-butted chromoly tubes they call TLC. Tough, Light, Compliant. Translation: it'll take a beating, keep you floating like a butterfly, and provide a smooth ride that Sting would write songs about.

The Supertramp doesn't just tolerate customizations; it practically begs for them. Its frame and fork are festooned with mounts for all the racks, bags, and accessories you might need on the road. So go ahead, turn it into a pack mule or a minimalist steed. Your choice.

When it comes to geometry, this machine is more zen monk than calculus professor. Its off-road touring design promises comfort in the saddle for those long, transcendent stretches where the journey becomes the destination. A tall stack height and longish reach don't just maximize the front triangle space; they also allow for modern short stems that ensure you're not compromising on handling. It's agile enough to navigate rock-strewn paths, yet stable enough to carry your camping gear or rare finds from that hole-in-the-wall antique store you stumbled upon.

The devil is in the details. The Supertramp has been considered down to the cable guides, choosing a modular system over zip ties for an aesthetic that's clean and elegant, like a perfectly garnished cocktail. And let's not overlook the option for stealth dropper post routing—a nod to those who like their seat height as variable as their life experiences.

For the rubber meeting the road, or dirt, or whatever you're rolling over, you've got clearance for up to 29 x 2.6-inch tires, optimized for a 29 x 2.25-inch tire setup. That's like choosing between a four-course dinner and a tasting menu; both will satisfy, but one offers just a bit more indulgence.

The stock complete build comes with a curated ensemble of components including SRAM GX groupset, Thomson seat post, and Velo Orange Seine Bar among other reliable gear. But if your taste runs towards the rare and eclectic, the team is happy to accommodate. They'll work with you to source components that make your ride as personal as your favorite playlist.

In essence, the Wilde Supertramp is the Swiss Army knife of bicycles. Versatile, durable, and customizable, it's not just a bike—it's a license to roam wherever the hell you want. And in a world full of boundaries and limitations, that's a freedom worth investing in.


  1. Versatility: The Wilde Supertramp is designed to excel in a variety of scenarios, from daily commuting to challenging bikepacking expeditions.
  2. Customization: With numerous mounts and a flexible frame, it welcomes endless configurations, adapting to the rider's specific needs and whims.
  3. Quality Craftsmanship: Handmade in Taiwan by the reputable Maxway factory, the bike's double-butted chromoly tubes offer a blend of durability, lightness, and comfort.
  4. Attention to Detail: From modular cable guides to stealth dropper post routing, the Supertramp offers carefully considered features that improve both aesthetics and functionality.
  5. Comfortable Geometry: The bike's geometry is optimized for long rides and tricky terrains, providing a good balance of agility and stability.
  6. Tire Clearance: Ample tire clearance gives riders the flexibility to adapt to a range of off-road conditions.
  7. Personalized Builds: Beyond the stock components, buyers have the option to work with the company to create a dream machine tailored to their taste and needs.


  1. Price: At $1,200 for the base model, the Wilde Supertramp may not be accessible for everyone, especially those new to bikepacking or cycling.
  2. Weight: With a complete bike weight of 26.9 lbs, it's not the lightest option on the market, which might be a concern for riders focused on speed or maneuverability.
  3. Complexity for Beginners: The sheer number of customization options could overwhelm those new to cycling or those who prefer a simpler, out-of-the-box solution.
  4. Maintenance: With so many features and customizations, this bike could require more upkeep than a simpler model, both in terms of time and potential costs for specialized parts.
  5. Paint Choices: With limited color options mentioned, there may be aesthetic limitations for those who are particular about the look of their bike.

In summary, the Wilde Supertramp appears to be a well-crafted and highly versatile bike that aims to be the go-to option for those seeking a single bike for multiple purposes. However, the initial cost and potential for complexity might not suit all riders.


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