Cudajet – World’s First Underwater Jetpack

Feel the freedom underwater

The CudaJet is a jetpack designed to give you freedom of movement and manoeuvrability underwater. Top speed is 3 m/s (6.7 mph), which is not bad since a dolphin usually swims at 7-8 mph.

It features a sleek and compact design to minimize drag and provides agility. It weighs 29 lbs with a buoyancy of 5N and harness, which transfers the Cubajet's thrust to the user, adds another 45-60N buoyancy to the whole system depending on the size. Its level of buoyancy is sufficient for competent swimmers who are close to land or have help close at hand. People who can't swim should probably not use it except maybe in a swimming pool with supervision.

The underwater jetpack has a run time of 40 minutres and a full charge from empty takes 90 minutes.

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