Vimazi Pace-Tuned Running Shoe – a shoe just right for your speed

Pace-specific running shoes

People run at different paces depending on their level of fitness. The Vimazi pace-tuned running shoe is designed to help people who run at specific pace zones run more efficiently. There are currently 6 models in the Vimazi line: Z20, Z30, Z40, Z50, Z60, and Z70. Each model is only for people who are at a specific pace range. For example, the Z20 is for elite and sub-elite distance runners who run a 10k between 28:00-34:10 or a 1:59-2:24 marathon. And the Z70 is for people who run 5Ks between 31:00-39:00 or half marathons in the 2:11-2:45 range.

Each shoe model have features that maximize the efficiency of running at a specific pace range. The main differences between each model are the forefoot and the density of the midsole, both of which responds efficiently and appropriately to different paces.

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