Color Changing Bicycle Tires

Coolest bike tires ever

Bike tires are usually the most boring part of a bicycle. Youtuber by the name “The Q” decides to change that for his bike by creating color changing bike tires. The tire is made of glue gun sticks using a 3D printed mold. Light strips were then glued around the rim and wired through the hole where the valve should have been. A casing for the batteries and control unit was then 3D printed and installed on the tire hubs. The result is a glowing set of tires with RGB lighting that can be controlled with a smartphone. Pretty cool.

The tires are pretty much what you'd expect from one being made of glue gun sticks. They're not durable and does not provide as much traction as the real thing. These are purely for show and only suitable for short rides around the city. Still if these were for sale, a lot of people would probably still buy them. We know we would if the price is right.

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