Conquer Extreme Conditions with ISOLA’s Year-round Tactical Parka

Versatile, Sustainable, Tech-Savvy Outerwear

With the same passion I apply to exploring the globe, I've always sought gear that can keep pace with my adventures. This, my friend, is where the ISOLA raincoat jacket comes into play, a marvel of craftsmanship and function. It’s a jacket made for all conditions, the trusty companion on your journeys whether you're braving the winter chill of Moscow or navigating the wet monsoons of Mumbai.

The art of the journey is one of adaptation, being able to withstand and thrive in whatever conditions you find yourself in. With 3 layers of 100% recycled Nylon membrane and a formidable 25000mm water resistance, the ISOLA jacket embodies this principle. In the summer it cools, and in the winter it warms, an adaptable ally in the face of unpredictable weather. And all seams are fully taped and laser cut, a testament to meticulous construction.

Storage is a key aspect of any journey. The ISOLA’s pockets, both large and small, are a veritable vault for your essentials. From your laptop to your earbuds, they can all find a home in this jacket, safely tucked away from the elements. With a total of 20 unique pockets, losing track of your daily essentials will be a thing of the past.

The smart sleeve with a GPS pocket is a stroke of genius. With a touch-sensitive, extra large smart sleeve window, your smartphone screen is at your fingertips, always visible when you need it, and concealed when you don’t. That's a nifty trick.

The jacket even transforms into a convenient sling with built-in waterproof pockets. This shows a level of consideration and versatility that’s not commonly found in everyday jackets.

One feature that stands out is the ultra-wide 180° field of view hood. Designed with a panoramic window, this hood not only shelters you from the elements but also ensures your situational awareness is unhindered. It’s a detail that could go unnoticed, but when crossing busy streets or trekking unfamiliar trails, it makes all the difference.

In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability, it's reassuring to know the ISOLA jacket is made from recycled materials. This jacket doesn’t just stand up to the elements, but also stands for a greener planet. And with minimized packaging, the brand’s commitment to the environment is clear.

One small, but appreciated touch is the back strap carry system. It’s the small things like this, details that anticipate your needs, that set this jacket apart.

But perhaps the defining feature of the ISOLA is its resilience. The fabric is designed to last, to weather the elements and still stand strong. This isn’t a disposable piece of clothing, it’s a commitment, an investment in quality and durability.

And yet, for all its functionality, it never compromises on style. It maintains a minimalist aesthetic and even allows for personalization with its Logo-Free velcro patches. The earbud holder is a nifty touch too.

In essence, the ISOLA year-round raincoat jacket combines extreme functionality with a thoughtful design. Its strengths lie in its adaptability and attention to detail, making it an essential companion for any journey, urban or wild. For the price, considering all the thoughtfulness that has gone into this product, it's more than worth it. You'd be investing not just in a jacket, but in a reliable companion that'll stand by you through your greatest adventures.


  1. Versatility: The jacket is designed to withstand all sorts of weather conditions, from snow to sun, making it suitable for year-round use.
  2. Sustainable Materials: The jacket is made from 100% recycled Nylon, which is a plus for eco-conscious consumers.
  3. High Quality: With 25000mm water resistance, 10000g/m2 breathability, and fully taped and laser-cut seams, the jacket is clearly designed with quality and durability in mind.
  4. High Functionality: The jacket is equipped with 20 unique pockets to carry a variety of items, from a smartphone to a 13″ MacBook, making it highly practical for all sorts of activities and trips.
  5. Innovative Features: Some noteworthy features include the GPS pocket with a touch-sensitive smart sleeve, a hood with a 180° field of view, and the ability to convert into a sling. These add to the functionality and appeal of the jacket.
  6. Safety Measures: The jacket includes reflective prints for visibility at night and a hood designed to maintain visibility and safety in various situations.


  1. Price: The jacket, while high in quality and functionality, may be out of budget for some potential buyers. Its future retail price is listed as €399, which is relatively high for a jacket.
  2. Complexity: For some, the numerous features and pockets might be overwhelming and unnecessary. People looking for a simple, straightforward jacket may find the ISOLA overly complex.
  3. Size and Fit: While the jacket is described as having a “Regular Active Fit,” individual fit can vary greatly. Potential customers might find it challenging to ensure the correct fit when purchasing online.
  4. Weight: With all its features, particularly the high number of pockets and their potential contents, the jacket could potentially become quite heavy to wear.
  5. Aesthetic Design: Although the jacket is described as minimalist, some consumers may not prefer its tactical style. The overall look might not appeal to everyone.
  6. Delivery Time: As this seems to be a crowdfunded product, with an estimated delivery of Nov 2023, there may be potential delays in production and delivery, which can be a common issue with crowdfunded products.

Remember, the pros and cons can be quite subjective, depending on individual needs, preferences, and expectations.


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