Optibike R22 Everest – eBike with the longest range in 2023

300 miles with pedal assist

Electric bikes usually have a range of 80 miles or less. The Optibike R22 Everest has a mind-blowing range of 300 miles (with a 160 lb rider at 15 mph with pedal assist). That's more range than some electric cars (the Chevy Bolt has an estimated range of 259 miles). The Optibike R22's 3,260Wh battery is actually 2 1,630Wh batteries in one case. Each battery is used one at a time and when one battery is drained, there's a switch for swapping to the other battery.

The bike also comes with a powerful 1,700W motor capable of producing 190Nm of torque, which is more than enough for the offroad adventures it was made for. It has 200mm rear suspension travel and a Downhill Dual Crown Fork for going fast on bumpy terrain. Optibike claims it the only ebike capable of climbing the Mount Everest on a single charge if there was a road.

The R22 Everest uses a 14 speed Rohloff Speedhub, which is an internally geared hub that not only allows you to change gears when stopped and lets you skip gears easily, but also more durable and reliable than a traditional derailleur system.

While it has more range than some electric cars, at $18,900 it's more expensive than some gasoline-powered cars.

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