Cold Steel Warcraft Tanto 4034SS XL: Your Trusted Tool for Adventure

Robust, Efficient, Comfortable, Durable, Adventurous

Feeling the balance of the Cold Steel Warcraft Tanto 4034SS XL in your hand, it's easy to appreciate the artistry and careful design that went into creating this tool. It's more than just a knife – it's an embodiment of capability and resilience.

The girth of the blade is noticeable, a statement of robustness and integrity, that would give anyone confidence in their ventures. As though designed to defy the onslaught of the elements, it bears a reinforced tip, which isn't just for show – it's there to absorb the toughest impacts, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

The cutting edges of this blade, full of elegance and precision, curve in a manner that promises smooth performance. And it's not just about the aesthetic appeal; this curved design enables easier and more efficient slicing. The combination of the primary flat ground cutting edge and the chisel ground secondary blade bevel is no accident either. Both are honed to the point where they can split a hair, and their intersection forms a secondary point, ideal for the quick, snapping cuts that can be so vital in challenging situations.

The Tanto's full tang is comfortably encased by two handle scales. This doesn't just ensure a comfortable grip but also provides a secure, sturdy hold. Whether you're using it for regular outdoors tasks or in emergency situations, the Tanto assures a dependable performance.

The 4034SS version of the Warcraft Series offers handles made of GRN. A knife in this range isn't just a tool; it's a commitment to durability and performance. It's like having a reliable partner in your adventurous pursuits.

At an overall length of 17″, with a blade length of 12″, the Warcraft Tanto 4034SS XL isn't a small knife. It's a sturdy tool with a commanding presence, perfect for those who prefer a larger blade. The 5mm thick steel stands as testament to its ruggedness and resilience.

Don't let its heft and size fool you though – it's balanced in a way that doesn't sacrifice control or precision. And when not in use, the Tanto can be safely stored in its Secure-Ex® Sheath, ensuring the blade stays in optimum condition.

So, what's my take on it? I see this as more than just a knife. It's a testament to preparedness, a companion for the adventurous spirit. For those who love to explore, who seek out the unknown, the Warcraft Tanto 4034SS XL isn't just a blade, it's an extension of their will to conquer whatever comes their way.


  1. Robust Design: With its thicker blade and reinforced tip, the Warcraft Tanto 4034SS XL is designed to take a beating. This ruggedness makes it highly durable and reliable for various tasks.
  2. Cutting Efficiency: The combination of a flat ground primary cutting edge and a chisel ground secondary blade bevel results in high cutting efficiency. The unique Yakote design adds a secondary point for effective snap cuts.
  3. Comfortable and Secure Grip: The full tang blade is encased with two handle scales, providing a secure and comfortable grip, an important factor for a knife this size.
  4. High-quality Material: The blade is made of 4034SS steel, known for its excellent edge retention and resistance to corrosion.
  5. Secure Storage: The knife comes with a Secure-Ex® Sheath, offering a safe and secure way to store the knife when not in use.


  1. Size: With a 17″ overall length and a 12″ blade length, this knife is significantly larger than many other options. This size might make it less portable or harder to maneuver for some people.
  2. Weight: The thicker blade and overall size could contribute to increased weight. This could be a disadvantage in long-term usage or for individuals who prefer lighter knives.
  3. Price: At $234.99, the Warcraft Tanto 4034SS XL is a premium product. The price point could be a barrier for some, particularly for those who do not require such a high level of robustness or features.
  4. Limited Use Cases: Given its size, design, and military-style, it might not be the best choice for more delicate tasks or for those looking for a general-purpose knife.
  5. Handle Material: While GRN is a tough and durable material, it may not provide the same tactile feel or aesthetic appeal as some natural materials like wood or bone.


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