CobraTec Quick Strike: Unleash Surprise with a Hidden Release Automatic Knife

Versatile, lightweight, comfortable, automatic knife

A companion at your side, that's what this piece of fine craftsmanship is. That's right, I'm talking about the Cobratech Quick Strike, an automatic knife that conceals its purpose and power beneath an unassuming facade.

At first glance, this gem, dressed in a black stonewashed 440 stainless steel blade, gives off a rugged, yet sleek aesthetic. The quality of the blade is undeniable – after all, 440 stainless steel is renowned for its high levels of strength, hardness, and wear-resistance. It's a steel that does not yield easily, a workhorse that's up for any challenge you throw at it.

Weighing in at just 3.8 ounces, the Quick Strike is as nimble as a ballerina, yet as sturdy as a weightlifter. You can slip it into your pocket and forget it's there – until you need it.

Then there's the G-10 handle, a high-pressure fiberglass laminate. It's a robust material that promises excellent durability, regardless of the conditions you find yourself in. But this knife isn't just about resilience and reliability. No, it cares about your comfort, too. The handle boasts a knurled rubberized grip, hugging your fingers as they wrap around it, providing a secure hold that refuses to slip.

A hidden release switch, discreetly tucked within the handle, unleashes the blade. It's a neat trick, a surprise for anyone underestimating this seemingly ordinary folding knife. But if you fancy a more manual approach, it also works as a thumb assist folder.

The Quick Strike now features a pocket clip – a practical addition that ensures right-hand carry for the ambidextrous. And with an overall length of 7.75 inches, this knife is just the right size to accompany you on all your adventures, big and small.

So, is the Cobratech Quick Strike the knife for you? Well, if you value adaptability and seek a tool that is both sturdy and discreet, if you appreciate a good surprise and enjoy the comfort of a well-designed grip, I believe you've found your match. It's a companion that will stand by you, rain or shine, ready for action at a moment's notice. It's not just a knife, it's a statement – a testament to your readiness to take on the world.


  1. High-quality Blade: The 440 stainless steel blade is renowned for its hardness, durability, and wear resistance. It's designed to withstand tough usage, making it ideal for various outdoor tasks.
  2. Portable and Lightweight: At 3.8 ounces, the Quick Strike is a featherweight champion. You can easily slip it into your pocket without feeling weighed down, making it a perfect tool for everyday carry.
  3. Ergonomic Handle: The G-10 handle with a knurled rubberized grip not only provides excellent durability, but it also ensures a comfortable and secure hold. Whether you're braving the elements or engaging in precise tasks, the grip has got you covered.
  4. Hidden Release Switch: The hidden release button provides an element of surprise, transforming it from an ordinary folder into an automatic knife. It's a feature that adds an extra level of functionality and versatility.
  5. Practical Design: The inclusion of a pocket clip for right-hand carry adds to the knife's overall usability. Plus, the 7.75-inch length strikes a balance between utility and portability.


  1. Hidden Release Complexity: While the hidden release button adds an exciting twist to the knife, it could also present a learning curve for users unfamiliar with this feature.
  2. Right-Hand Carry Only: The knife is designed with a pocket clip for right-hand carry, which may not cater to the needs of left-handed users.
  3. Potential Legal Restrictions: Automatic knives are subject to certain legal restrictions in some jurisdictions. Users will need to be aware of and comply with local laws regarding possession and use.
  4. Rubberized Grip Durability: While the knurled rubberized grip provides comfort and security, over time and with heavy usage, it could wear down faster than the rest of the handle.
  5. Stainless Steel Maintenance: Despite its strength, 440 stainless steel blades require regular maintenance to prevent rust and to keep the blade sharp. This means extra care is needed compared to some other high-end knife materials.


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