Loop’s Micro Mount: A Revolution in Bike Phone Mounts

Small, strong, seamless

As someone who's often been on the move, be it traversing cityscapes or rural roads, I've been seduced by an alluring device that threatens to redefine your travel narrative. Enter the Loop Micro Mount, an accessory of diminutive proportions yet infused with a mighty spirit.

Picture this, a tiny talisman clinging to your two-wheeled steed, ready to guide you through twists and turns of your journey. The Micro Mount is a beacon for modern explorers, gently cradling your cellular companion in its embrace, thus abolishing the need for archaic cycling computers.

There's something deeply appealing about how this mount adapts to your bike, the chameleon of the accessory world. It's not just about functionality, but aesthetics too – the accessory blends effortlessly into your bicycle, maintaining the sleek, minimalist silhouette that your two-wheeler deserves.

The fact that it installs with such ease, in a mere 60 seconds, adds a certain practical charm. It's almost as if it's asking you to seize the day, or in this case, the handlebars, and embark on a journey, be it a cross-city dash or a winding rural adventure.

Riding safely has never been more critical or convenient. The Micro Mount takes the danger of juggling navigation out of the equation, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – the ride. It gently dissuades the gnawing urge to constantly stop and verify your route, making your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

The creators have taken a strong stance against poorly constructed imitations. The knowledge that you're investing in an original, patented Loop product adds a layer of security to your purchase. It's an assurance of quality and a promise of durability, factors that should not be compromised, especially when you're bracing the wild winds on your bike.

The versatility of this device is commendable. It caters to a myriad of biking styles and models, and with its accessory options, one can easily mount and remove it depending on their requirements. No more hunting for a specific phone case or worrying about your device's compatibility. It's all about the freedom to pick up your bike, clip on your phone, and set off towards the horizon.

However, one must also respect the device's limitations. Certain bike setups like riser stems or integrated stem/aero bars are incompatible. Also, if your phone case is reminiscent of a tank or boasts a pop socket, then unfortunately, you will have to consider alternatives.

This is a story of attention to detail, resilience, and seamless integration. The Loop Micro Mount is a product that has managed to reimagine the way we view phone mounts, providing a sleek, robust, and highly practical solution to cyclists.

So, if you’re ready to transform your active lifestyle and simplify your bike-bound journeys, it’s time to consider the Micro Mount. After all, aren’t the best things said to come in small packages? Explore the Early Bird specials and make a pledge, because the road awaits and your ride deserves the best.


  1. No Special Phone Case Required: The Loop Micro Mount eliminates the need for a specific phone case to work, making it versatile for all mainstream phones.
  2. Blend-in Design: The mount is designed to blend into your bike when not in use, adding an aesthetic appeal while maintaining functionality.
  3. Easy Installation: With an installation time of 60 seconds, it offers a hassle-free setup experience.
  4. Safe and Convenient Navigation: The mount provides a secure and convenient method for using your phone's navigation system while cycling, enhancing safety on the road.
  5. High Build Quality and Patent Protection: Loop ensures high build quality and has patents and IP in multiple territories to protect its design, promising a reliable product.
  6. Flexible Mounting Options: The Micro Mount offers several mounting options and accessories to cater to a variety of bike styles and rider preferences.


  1. Limitations on Compatibility: Some bike setups, like riser stems or integrated stem/aero bars, aren't compatible with the Micro Mount. This could limit its usability for some cyclists.
  2. Incompatibility with Certain Phone Cases: While it does not require a special phone case to work, the Micro Mount is incompatible with very thick military-style cases or cases with built-in pop sockets.
  3. Possible Copycat Products: While Loop has taken measures to protect its design with patents, there could be lower-quality copycat products on the market which customers need to be cautious of.
  4. Additional Accessories Required for Some Setups: For older quill-style stems or for those who want a removable setup, additional accessories (sold separately) are required, potentially increasing the overall cost.

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