CJRB Ekko: Performance Meets Budget-Friendly Elegance

Affordable, versatile, stylish, fidget-friendly, reliable

Ah, the delightful serendipity of being proven wrong. That's what I experienced with the CJRB Ekko, a knife that not only captured my attention but exceeded my expectations. When I first encountered this sub-$60 gem, I couldn't help but wonder if it could live up to its promising design and surprisingly affordable price point. The Ekko's versatility and style won me over, and I can confidently say it's one of the best budget-friendly flippers I've come across.

The Ekko's sheepsfoot-style blade is a standout feature, offering not only an appealing aesthetic but also exceptional performance. The edge's gentle curve and protruding forward tip make it an incredibly versatile tool, whether you're prepping ingredients for a hearty stew or performing light carving tasks in the great outdoors. The AR-RPM9 steel is no slouch either, demonstrating impressive resilience during my testing period.

The true fun of the Ekko, however, lies in its mechanism. With its front flipper, finger hole, and button lock, this knife is a fidgeter's dream, offering endless ways to deploy the blade. And if the button lock isn't your cup of tea, the liner lock variant still delivers the same cutting performance, carry-ability, and ergonomics, albeit with a slightly tamer fidget factor.

My minor gripes with the Ekko are the pocket clip, which could benefit from a recessed space for the screws, and the brand name itself – CJRB – which doesn't quite roll off the tongue. But these are small quibbles for a knife that delivers such a powerful punch in terms of performance, design, and value.

In conclusion, the CJRB Ekko is a true gem of a pocket knife. The combination of Laconico's elegant design, Artisan's exceptional manufacturing, and the knife's sheer versatility make it a must-have for any EDC enthusiast. With options available in carbon fiber, Micarta, and black/stonewashed steel, there's an Ekko for every taste. If you're in the market for an affordable, high-performing flipper, look no further than the CJRB Ekko. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.


  1. Affordable: The CJRB Ekko is an excellent value for money, offering high-quality performance at a sub-$60 price point.
  2. Versatile blade: The sheepsfoot-style blade is designed for various tasks, from kitchen prep to outdoor activities, making it a practical choice for everyday carry.
  3. Impressive steel: The AR-RPM9 steel exhibits exceptional resilience and resistance to staining, making it an ideal material for a budget-friendly knife.
  4. Fidget-friendly mechanisms: With multiple deployment options including a front flipper, finger hole, and button lock, the Ekko is enjoyable to use and handle.
  5. Elegant design: Ray Laconico's understated design seamlessly combines rugged functionality with gentlemanly class, resulting in a visually appealing knife.
  6. Variants available: The Ekko comes in different versions, including G10 scales and a liner lock, an all-steel version with a button lock mechanism, and a version with micarta scales and a button lock, catering to various preferences.


  1. Pocket clip design: The pocket clip could be improved with a recessed space for the screws, allowing them to sit flush with the knife's scales.
  2. Brand name: The CJRB brand name might be difficult to remember and doesn't have the same impact as other, more established knife brands.
  3. Slightly less fidget fun with liner lock: The liner lock variant offers the same performance and ergonomics but with a slightly tamer fidget factor compared to the button lock version.
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