Caofen F80 – A New Era of Electric Motorcycles Arriving in the UK

A Groundbreaking Electric Dual-Sport Motorcycle

The Caofen F80, a new electric motorcycle from the Chongqing Huanghe Motorcycle Company, is set to launch in the UK in April 2023. This innovative dual-sport motorcycle is designed for both on-road and off-road use, offering unique features such as a weldless frame for decreased weight and increased rigidity. The bike weighs just 81kg, which contributes to its performance capabilities.

Caofen's patented battery technology boasts 8 times the thermal balance and only 50% of the normal temperature rise, improving efficiency and balance. This advanced technology allows for a reduced charging time of just two hours, providing a maximum range of 80 miles per charge.

The F80 is equipped with an 8kW (10.7 horsepower) motor and a 3.5kWh battery, enabling it to reach a top speed of 57mph. It comes in two versions: the Caofen F80 Off-Road, which is designed solely for off-road use and is not homologated for public roads, priced at £5,495; and another version suitable for on-road use.

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