KTOP Bike Rack – more discreet, less risky

Protect Your Bike from Overhead Obstacles

The KTOP Bike Rack is a revolutionary car-top bike rack that carries the bicycle horizontally to lower its height and reduce its vulnerability to obstacles. It is designed to be installed on just about any type of vehicle and carry any type of bike. It features two ratchet-strapped wheel holders that are slid along and locked into an aluminum rail, and a third adjustable-height holder on a separate parallel rail that grasps the bike's top tube.

The bike's handlebars must be turned sideways before mounting and the car-side pedal is covered in a padded sock to prevent scratching. The rack can be locked with a key, and a cable lock can be looped through the bike's frame for extra security when leaving the bike unattended.

It can carry one bike in its base configuration, but two bikes in a more traditional vertical orientation with the addition of a couple of fork-mount adapters. The KTOP Bike Rack is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, with a pledge of US$599 getting you one with a planned retail price of $985.

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