CamelBak A.T.P. Adventure Travel Pack: Versatile Design with Front-Loading Accessibility

Sustainable, rugged, versatile, functional, innovative

The open road calls, my friends. You've got the wind in your hair, a sturdy pair of boots, and a thirst for the unexplored. But in all your wandering and wondering, there's a practical side to adventure, too. And that's where CamelBak's A.T.P. Adventure Travel Pack comes into play.

Picture this: rugged terrain underfoot, towering peaks ahead, and a sleek, 20 or 26-liter hydration pack snug against your back. Crafted with the kind of care and innovation that only three decades of experience can bring, these CamelBak packs are more than just containers for your travel essentials.

They're statements of environmental stewardship.

In an era where sustainability is not a mere option but a moral imperative, CamelBak's use of 210-denier CORDURA re/cor RN66 nylon shell derived from 100% recycled content—up-cycled car airbags, if you can believe it—is a step towards a cleaner world. These packs do more than carry your load; they carry a message.

The artistry doesn't end there. From the recycled aluminum hardware to the 50% recycled EVA foam padding, the A.T.P. lineup takes the very essence of what's been discarded and breathes new life into it. It's an homage to the old made anew, with un-dyed colorways leaving the recycled constructions' natural hue as a proud badge of honor.

It's functional art, too. A front-loading design with a full-zip clamshell layout grants unobstructed access to the main compartments, while thoughtful touches like deployable compression straps and a removable laptop sleeve provide versatility. It's as if CamelBak peered into the soul of the adventurer and saw exactly what was needed, right down to the top-shelf Hypalon lashing points.

In a world where we all thirst for something authentic, CamelBak delivers with the Adventure Travel Pack, now available at $160 for the A.T.P 20 and $180 for the A.T.P 26.

So, to the wanderers and wayfarers, the climbers and the trekkers: here's a pack that understands you. Whether you're conquering mountains or meandering through winding city streets, it's a travel companion forged from the very fibers of what makes us move.

Embrace it, and may your journeys be unburdened. After all, in the end, it's not about the gear; it's about the stories you gather, the paths you forge, and the thirst you quench along the way. But, let's face it: with the right pack, the journey sure gets easier. CamelBak's A.T.P. Adventure Travel Pack—consider me impressed.


  1. Sustainable Construction: Made from 100% recycled content, including up-cycled car airbags, and 50% less greenhouse gas emissions in manufacturing. A win for the environment.
  2. Versatility: With features like deployable compression straps, removable laptop sleeves, and Hypalon lashing points, it's adaptable to various travel needs.
  3. Durability: Crafted with 210-denier CORDURA re/cor RN66 nylon shell, it's designed to withstand rugged use.
  4. Functional Design: Full-zip clamshell layout provides easy access to compartments, plus additional thoughtful touches like internal alloy key clips and recycled aluminum hardware.
  5. Size Options: Offered in both 20-liter and 26-liter sizes, accommodating different packing needs.


  1. Price Point: Starting at $160 for the A.T.P 20 and $180 for the A.T.P 26, the cost might be steep for some budgets.
  2. Exclusivity: Available only through the manufacturer’s website, limiting purchase options.
  3. Undyed Appearance: The choice to leave the recycled constructions' natural hue on display may not appeal to everyone's taste in aesthetics.

In summary, the CamelBak A.T.P. Adventure Travel Pack offers a robust package for the eco-conscious adventurer, with functionality and durability at the forefront. However, the price and exclusive availability might be a hindrance for some, and the natural appearance might not suit all styles.

$160 or $180

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