Cake Bukk Electric Motorcycles: Off-Road Evolution

Customizable, powerful, sustainable electric motorcycles

The recent launch of the Cake Bukk electric motorcycles at EICMA 2022 represents a remarkable advancement in the world of e-motos. The two different versions built around the same forged aluminum frame – the Bukk Super Light (A1) and Power Light (A2) – offer ample room for customization to suit the needs of the rider. It's a testament to the company's dedication to sustainability and innovation.

The newly developed high-performance motor, the Jante, deserves a round of applause for its impressive torque, smooth acceleration, and precision handling. Housing this motor in aircraft-grade aluminum and ensuring water-resistance to IP67 standards only serves to enhance the performance and reliability of these machines.

The battery life of the Cake Bukk models is quite commendable, allowing for about 3 hours of trail/enduro riding. The quick-swap feature and regenerative braking modes only add to the convenience and efficiency of these e-motos.

The ability to choose between different suspension options, coupled with the versatile mobile companion app, make these bikes more personalized than ever. With features like anti-theft notifications, keyless lock/unlock, and ride analysis, riders can feel secure and supported on their adventures.

The Bukk models strike a fine balance between power, performance, and customization, all while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. These electric motorcycles are not only paving the way for the future of off-road riding but also encouraging us to be more environmentally conscious. In my opinion, the Cake Bukk motorcycles represent a revolution in the e-moto industry, and I look forward to seeing how the market evolves and embraces these cutting-edge machines.

Pros of Cake Bukk electric motorcycles:

  1. High-performance Jante motor: The newly developed Jante motor provides impressive torque, smooth acceleration, and precision handling, making for a powerful and enjoyable riding experience.
  2. Customization: The Cake Bukk models offer a variety of configuration options, allowing riders to tailor their e-moto to their individual performance requirements.
  3. Battery life and charging: The quick-swap Li-ion battery pack provides around 3 hours of trail/enduro riding, with a full recharge taking just 2 hours and 45 minutes. The regenerative braking modes also help extend the range.
  4. Suspension options: Riders can choose from several pre-purchase suspension combinations to ensure the optimal ride experience.
  5. Mobile companion app: The app provides anti-theft notifications, keyless lock/unlock, global remote support, ride tracking and analysis, and access to advanced settings via an in-app purchase.
  6. Environmentally friendly: Cake's electric platforms promote sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of off-road vehicles.

Cons of Cake Bukk electric motorcycles:

  1. Price: With starting prices of US$10,270 for the A1 model and $11,070 for the A2 model, the Cake Bukk may not be accessible for all riders due to its premium price tag.
  2. Weight: While the Cake Bukk models are relatively lightweight for e-motos, their weight (69 kg/152 lb, plus an additional 20 kg/44 lb for the battery) may still be a concern for some riders.
  3. Limited top speeds: The A1 model has a top speed of over 80 km/h (49.7 mph), while the A2 model's top speed is more than 90 km/h (56 mph). Some riders may find these top speeds limiting, especially when compared to traditional motorcycles.
  4. Charging infrastructure: Depending on the availability of charging stations, riders may face challenges recharging their e-moto while on the go.
  5. Learning curve: Riders who are new to electric motorcycles may need some time to adapt to the unique characteristics of the Cake Bukk, such as its torque delivery, throttle response, and regenerative braking.
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