Bose Freestyle Earbuds – The Fun Side of Bose

Colorful Bose

Bose is known for its sound quality and sleek, serious design and not for being funky. But when it comes to its sports range, since the Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones, they’ve been adding the element of fun and colour. If you're into fun colours and good sound quality you might like the Bose Freestyle Earbuds.It comes in Ice Blue and Indigo in a style not typical to Bose with white polka dots on the Indigo and a splattered paint design on the Ice Blue. It may look more fashionable than other Bose earphones but it still has the built quality Bose is known for.The sound is deep and clear but lack the active noise cancellation and quality of the Bose QC20i, which is said to its biggest competitor but the sound is good enough and you may not want active noise cancellation especially when running on the road. It also comes with a cool carrying case.


  • Comfortable
  • Wearing for prolonged periods does not hurt ears
  • Good sound


  • Not wireless
  • Might be too colorful for some
  • Not for noisy environments


Earbuds are usually uncomfortable, even the expensive ones. This one is comfortable, has good sound quality, and looks fun.

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