Giro New Road Cycling Shirt Fit for Work and Civilisation

The typical cycling shirt keeps you dry, cool and comfortable, as well as aerodynamic. But it could feel a little awkward wearing them when you're not on your bike in a public place or at the office. That's not the case with Giro's New Road line of beautifully designed cycling apparel; they wick sweat well but unlike most cycling shirts, they're loose and comfy, and they don't make you look like some lycra weirdo when you're off the bike.

Some designs from the New Road make use wool and wool blends for its breathability, moisture wicking properties, and their ability to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Some incorporate high tech fabrics for water resistance and increased breathability; the New Road Mobility use a combination of nylon 6 and spandex for breathability and stretchiness. It wouldn't be a surprise to see even non-cyclists wearing these outfits because they look pretty cool.

What we love about Giro is that they make products that improves people's lives and this is somewhat proof of that.

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