Bo M Electric Scooter: Unparalleled City Commuting Experience!

Elegant, Safe, Efficient, Innovative, Comfortable.

Navigating through the urban jungle has never felt more exhilarating and effortless with the introduction of the Bo M electric scooter. Born from the genius minds of former engineers at Williams F1 Advanced Engineering and a Jaguar Land Rover designer, Bo M is not just another e-scooter – it's a sophisticated piece of engineering, finely tuned to bring grace and power to every ride.

With its elegant Monocurve design, crafted from high-strength aluminium, Bo M presents a seamless integration of function and aesthetics. The intuitive lines not only please the eyes but also serve the rider with unmatched stability and ease of handling, making the bustling city roads feel like smooth, winding lanes in the countryside. This e-scooter is not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about enjoying every moment of the journey with confidence and comfort.

Innovation is woven into the fabric of Bo M. The groundbreaking Safesteer technology ensures that every twist and turn is navigated with unparalleled precision and ease. Whether you're traversing bumpy roads or gliding down a sleek urban pathway, the dynamic steering stabilisation system keeps you in control, offering a ride so smooth it feels like flying.

For the urban commuter laden with the day’s baggage, the Lock and Load system is a gift. Integrated swivelling hooks serve not just as locking points but also as convenient carriers for bags weighing up to 10kg. The hooks are designed to eliminate twisting, making it easier to carry your belongings without compromising on balance or style.

Bo M doesn’t just carry your physical baggage effortlessly; it also holds your digital world with grace. The Mous Intralock system allows for an instant, secure connection between your phone and the scooter. With your digital map right in front of your eyes, navigating through the urban maze becomes a breeze.

Safety isn’t an afterthought with the Bo M. The Daytime Running Light wraps the chassis, creating a Light Halo, illuminating your presence on the road with a 270-degree visibility. The powerful 800-lumen headlight and wide-angle rear light add an extra layer of safety, making you visible and vigilant during your city adventures.

As you stand on the Bo M, you'll find your feet caressed by the intelligent Airdeck, an anti-vibration footpad engineered for comfort. Made from the same material technology found in high-performance running shoes, this innovative footpad reduces road vibrations, turning even the longest rides into a delightful cruise.

Bo M is not just a fleeting pleasure; it's built to endure, embodying robustness and sustainability in its design. The IP65 waterproofing ensures it braves through the elements, while its energy-efficient mechanism makes it a green warrior on the road. The e-scooter is continually updated over-the-air, ensuring it evolves as you do, staying current and reliable.

Perhaps what's most enticing about the Bo M is that it promises and delivers a performance that is silent yet powerful, robust yet elegant, simple yet innovative. With a top speed of 35 km/h and a range of 50 km on a single charge, it’s more than just a commute; it's a statement, a style, a way of life. With its reasonable price of £2,249, the Bo M is more than worth the investment for a seamless, enjoyable urban commute.

So, for those who see travel not just as movement, but as an experience, the Bo M electric scooter offers a ride that’s smooth, efficient, and unequivocally enjoyable. The city awaits, and with Bo M, you’re more than ready to explore its every nook and cranny with flair and ease.


  1. High-end Engineering: Designed by former engineers from Williams F1 Advanced Engineering and a Jaguar Land Rover designer, ensuring top-notch quality and performance.
  2. Safesteer Technology: Dynamic steering stabilisation offers unparalleled precision and handling, even on bumpy roads.
  3. Monocurve Design: A seamless integration of form and function, making it aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.
  4. Lock and Load System: Convenient swivelling hooks can carry bags up to 10kg, making commuting with cargo effortless.
  5. Mous Intralock System: Instant and secure phone connection facilitates easy navigation through the city.
  6. Safety Features: The Light Halo provides 270-degree visibility, and additional powerful headlights and rear lights enhance safety on the road.
  7. Comfortable Ride: The Airdeck footpad reduces vibrations, ensuring a smooth ride, especially during longer commutes.
  8. Sustainable & Durable: Boasts IP65 waterproofing and is designed with robust, recyclable materials. Its energy efficiency also makes it environmentally friendly.
  9. Over-the-Air Updates: Keeps the scooter current and reliable, ensuring longevity.
  10. Good Performance Metrics: A top speed of 35 km/h and a range of 50 km caters to most urban commuting needs.


  1. Price: At £2,249, it may be considered expensive for some potential buyers.
  2. Weight: Weighing 22 kg (48.5 lb), it's on the heavier side for an e-scooter.
  3. Non-Foldable Design: Contrary to many e-scooters, the Bo M doesn't fold, which can be an inconvenience for those who prefer compact storage or need to carry it occasionally.
  4. Limited Availability: As of the provided information, shipping is initially limited to the UK, with select locations in the US and EU to follow. This could limit accessibility for interested buyers in other regions.
  5. Maximum Weight Capacity: With a weight limit of 100 kg (220.5 lb), it might not be suitable for heavier riders or those needing to carry substantial cargo.


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