Teleport Ride eBike: Glide Seamlessly with Regenerative Braking & 100-Mile Power!

Sleek, Efficient, Powerful, Sustainable

In the bustling, unforgiving cityscape, there’s a whisper, a rumor of a silent, sleek marvel gliding through the urban jungle: Teleport Ride. Crafted meticulously by the hands and minds of Gus Johansson and Anthony Ross at Teleport, a fledgling Canadian e-mobility startup, the Ride is nothing short of an urban lullaby written in aerospace-grade aluminum.

The allure of Teleport Ride isn’t frivolous; it doesn’t call to you with blinding, glaring extravagance. Instead, it seduces with subtlety and undeniable efficiency. With its whispering weight of 34 lbs, this ebike isn’t just a featherweight contender in the relentless rat race of city commuting—it’s a silent champion advocating for elegance and unyielding functionality.

Now, behold its sinewy frame, contoured with the kind of precision that only the ultimate union of next-gen design and cutting-edge technology can birth. This isn’t your ordinary ebike; it’s a stealthy chalice bearing a hundred miles of freedom, with Panasonic cells quietly pulsating within its concealed battery, like a heart confident in its rhythm, relentless, and enduring.

With each pedal, the Teleport Ride promises not just movement but an electrified dance, with up to 28 mph of assisted speed at your disposal. But don’t mistake its speed for brashness. Each ride is a deliberate, calculated serenade with its intuitive torque sensor responding tenderly to the power at your feet, yielding a symphony of speed and grace.

The ebike's undulating journey is made smoother and unequivocally efficient with a sine wave controller, ensuring each ride isn’t just a mere travel from point A to B, but a seamless glide through the urban tapestry. This isn’t just about efficiency; it's a silent oath to provide a riding experience akin to poetry, fluid and eloquent.

And within this ode to efficiency, Teleport Ride does not forget responsibility. Each press of its hydraulic disc brakes isn’t just a testament to its unyielding stopping power but a whispered promise to sustainability, with its regenerative braking technology quietly capturing kinetic energy, breathing life back into the battery, extending the ebike’s embrace by forty percent.

The final strokes of brilliance are in its details: puncture-proof tires resilient against the city’s unforgiving terrain, an OLED display subtly integrated into the handlebar, whispering essential data to the rider without a fuss, and the presence of an Italian leather saddle, bearing the quiet luxury of comfort and style.

For a ticket price of $1899—far less than what its peers demand—Teleport Ride isn’t just offering a ride; it’s extending an invitation to a symphony of efficient, stylish, and sustainable commuting. This is not just another ebike; this, dear reader, is a quiet revolution on two wheels. The Teleport Ride isn’t merely about getting to your destination; it’s a journey, a statement, a whisper of elegance and efficiency in a world clamoring with noise and haste. So, why just ride when you can teleport?


  1. Extended Range: With up to 100 miles, the Teleport Ride boasts one of the more impressive ranges for city eBikes.
  2. Regenerative Braking: This technology captures kinetic energy during braking to recharge the battery, providing an additional 40% mileage.
  3. Sleek Design: Its slim and next-gen design, coupled with hidden cables, battery, and electronics, offers a stealthy look akin to a traditional bike.
  4. Lightweight: At only 34 lbs, it stands among the lighter eBikes available.
  5. Performance: Its 750-W motor that peaks at 1,200 watts ensures a powerful ride.
  6. Natural Riding Experience: An intuitive torque sensor and five levels of pedal-assist up to 28 mph make for a seamless ride.
  7. Concealed Components: All elements, including its 36-V battery and electronics, are hidden within the frame, preserving its sleek appearance.
  8. Affordability: Priced at $1899, it offers features found in eBikes that typically cost upwards of $4000.
  9. Environmentally Conscious: Riding this eBike contributes to a reduced carbon footprint.
  10. Low Maintenance: The single-speed Gates Carbon Belt Drive requires minimal upkeep.


  1. Single Speed Drivetrain: May not provide the variability some riders desire for different terrains.
  2. Crowdfunding Dependency: The actual launch and delivery of the product are dependent on the success of its Indiegogo campaign.
  3. Limited History: As a product from a startup, there's little to no long-term user feedback or proven track record for reliability.
  4. Potential Delays: With delivery estimated from February 2024, there might be waiting times or potential delays based on production scaling or crowdfunding outcomes.


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