Benelli TNT135: Pocket-Sized Powerhouse with Italian Flair

Compact Minibike, Powerful Performance, Italian Design

Let's dive into a small wonder that packs a pretty big punch: the Benelli TNT135. Often underestimated, it's a spirited beast wrapped up in the dimensions of a minibike. Drawing inspiration from its Italian roots, it boasts a design as robust as a Vespa and as playful as a Fiat 500, amalgamating into a rugged street fighter profile that's ready to rumble.

The headlight, with its assertive posture, seems to challenge the dark, offering clarity with its projector-style beams. The flush body-integrated taillights and signals are as fluid as a stream, contributing to the aerodynamic aesthetics. The dual-pipe exhaust setup is a testament to its exotic roots – distinct, punchy, and satisfyingly growly.

The heart of this tiny beast is its 134.7cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, oil-cooled engine. Don't let its small size fool you; it has a double spark and is fuel-injected. Rated at 11.3 hp at 8500 rpm and 7.4 of torque at 7000 rpm, it will surprise you with its energetic response and spunkiness.

Our feisty friend is not only about power. It stands out with its 5-speed transmission, offering a responsive and smooth ride. You'll find yourself dancing on the road, shifting gears with the rhythm of the terrain.

Beyond the powertrain, the TNT135 takes on bumpy roads with its fully adjustable suspension. The 41mm inverted fork in the front and spring pre-load adjustable shock in the rear promises a ride as comfortable as an afternoon siesta under an Italian sun.

The stopping power of the TNT135 is impressive too. The front and rear disc brakes, combined with the stability of its chunky 120/70-ZR12 front and 130/70-ZR12 rear tires, guarantee a safe, thrilling ride even at its top speed of over 70mph.

Though compact, the TNT135 isn't shy on size. It boasts a seat height of 30.7 inches and a wheelbase of 47.8 inches, creating a perfect balance between comfort and agility. The 1.9-gallon fuel tank ensures you can play around in the city or hit the open roads without having to worry too much about the next refuel.

The only thing that's not quite in line with this beauty's Italian lineage is the price tag. Retailing at $3,199, it is competitively priced and gives its Kawasaki or Honda counterparts a run for their money. This combination of value, quality, and performance makes the Benelli TNT135 a delightful minibike to own and ride.

In my view, it's a swiss army knife of minibikes: compact, versatile, and always ready for action. And remember, it's not just about the journey or the destination, but how you get there. Why not get there with a bit of Italian flair, a punch of performance, and a wallet that's still relatively intact? Give the Benelli TNT135 a whirl, and let it add a new dimension to your love for an active lifestyle. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.


  1. Exceptional Design: The TNT135 exhibits an Italian design aesthetic that combines streetfighter ruggedness with a distinct charm. Its integrated taillights and dual-pipe exhaust setup add a touch of exotic appeal.
  2. Powerful for its Size: Despite its small displacement of 134.7cc, the engine offers impressive performance, delivering 11.3 hp and 7.4 of torque.
  3. Robust Transmission: The 5-speed transmission provides a smooth and responsive ride, enhancing the overall driving experience.
  4. Quality Suspension: The adjustable suspension system, featuring a 41mm inverted fork at the front and a spring pre-load adjustable shock at the rear, ensures a comfortable ride on various terrains.
  5. Competitive Pricing: With an MSRP of $3,199, the TNT135 offers a remarkable array of features and performance at a price point that undercuts some of its more established competitors.


  1. Limited Comfort: The TNT135, while great for short rides and city jaunts, may not provide the comfort needed for long-distance cruising due to its compact dimensions.
  2. Freeway Travel: While the bike can reach speeds over 70mph, the small engine displacement might make sustained high-speed freeway travel a challenge.
  3. Fuel Capacity: The 1.9-gallon fuel tank, while adequate for city use, may require more frequent fill-ups for longer trips.
  4. Weight: At 255.7 pounds, the TNT135 is slightly heavy for a minibike, which may affect its nimbleness and handling to a certain extent.
  5. Brand Perception: As Benelli is a less recognized brand in certain markets compared to Kawasaki or Honda, some potential buyers may be hesitant to purchase.


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