DT Swiss F 535 ONE: Transforming Mountain Bike Performance with Advanced Technology

Advanced, customizable, high-performance mountain fork

One might think I've stumbled into an engineer's laboratory or perhaps the control room of a spacecraft, given the precise, technical specifications presented before me. Instead, we find ourselves examining the DT Swiss F 535 ONE. At first glance, it may seem intimidating, but I assure you, it's about to become our new companion in seeking adrenaline and exploring what lies off the beaten path. So, let's dive in.

Unyielding in its attention to detail, it's clear that the F 535 ONE is a formidable tool for the rider seeking control and power. With the patented PLUSHPORT and COILPAIR technologies, you're promised unprecedented stability and responsiveness. As a rider, you can appreciate the ability to make split-second decisions in steep, technical terrain. And these systems work together to ensure just that – smoothing out the hardest hits, providing precise feedback, and offering superior small bump sensitivity.

There's a clear desire for personalization in this design. The APT (Adaptable Progression Tune) system, for example, allows you to tailor the progression of the air spring curve. This means that you, the rider, have the power to adjust the spring curve to fit your riding style and the trails you conquer. And it achieves this without compromising on the suppleness of the fork, which is quite a feat.

The on-the-fly damping adjustment offers another level of customization. The INCONTROL damping system provides three different adjustments, allowing you to define the perfect compression tune for every situation. The OPEN mode for superior traction, DRIVE mode for rocky uneven uphill climbs, and LOCK mode for full power transmission in sprinting situations – each mode has its purpose, depending on the terrain you're challenging.

Then we come to the LINEAIR system, a dual-air chamber setup that reduces breakaway force while providing a low, linear spring curve. And the different models of the F 535 ONE, ranging from 120mm to 160mm, make sure that there's a perfect fit for every rider's specific needs.

Of course, weight is a key factor in any equipment for active outdoor enthusiasts. With a net weight from 2090 g, the F 535 ONE manages to pack all its sophisticated technology into a lightweight, manageable package. And with a build of magnesium and aluminum, it promises durability.

The fine-tuning of your ride doesn't stop at the performance mechanics, either. The crown covers have been removed for this model, allowing for easier damping and air pressure setup. And the various accessories, including a mini fender, an APT Kit, and brake hose clamps, show that the engineers have thought of every little detail to enhance your ride experience.

In conclusion, the DT Swiss F 535 ONE appears to be a grand orchestra of engineering, delivering a symphony of control, responsiveness, and customization that active riders will truly appreciate. It's more than just a piece of equipment; it's a partner on the trails, ready to take on whatever challenge lies ahead. Whether you're a seasoned rider seeking that next level of precision or a newcomer eager to take on the world of mountain biking, this is one companion you might want to consider bringing along for the ride.


  1. Advanced Technology: The F 535 ONE employs unique and patented features like PLUSHPORT and COILPAIR. These systems ensure travel-dependent damping, providing maximum traction, excellent mid-stroke support, and full bottom-out control. For those seeking a next-level All Mountain ride, these technologies seem to be a game-changer.
  2. Adjustability: The APT (Adaptable Progression Tune) system offers the rider a chance to adjust the progression of the air spring curve by adding or removing volume spacers in the air chamber of the fork. This feature provides the freedom to adjust the fork to your riding style and the trail you are on.
  3. On-the-fly damping adjustment: The INCONTROL damping offers three on-the-fly damping adjustments. Depending on your need for sensitivity, energy conservation, or power transmission, you can quickly switch between OPEN, DRIVE, or LOCK modes.
  4. Wide Range of Models: The F 535 ONE comes in various models, offering different travel lengths (from 120 mm to 160 mm) to fit individual rider preferences and trail demands.
  5. Materials and Design: With magnesium fork sliders and an aluminum steerer, the fork is both sturdy and lightweight, catering to performance-driven riders. The removal of the crown cover also means an easier setup.


  1. Price: With a starting price of $1149, the F 535 ONE may not be the most accessible option for those on a budget. While the technology and performance may justify the cost, it's an investment that some riders might not be willing to make.
  2. Complexity: The host of advanced technologies and features, while excellent for customization and performance, could make the initial setup and ongoing adjustments complicated for beginners or less tech-savvy riders.
  3. Weight: Although it's built with performance-grade materials, the F 535 ONE starts at a net weight of 2090 g. There might be lighter options available in the market for those weight-conscious riders.
  4. No High Pressure Pump Included: For the price point, it might be disappointing for some customers to find out that they'll need to purchase a high-pressure pump separately.

Overall, the DT Swiss F 535 ONE appears to be a high-performing, technologically advanced, and customizable mountain bike fork. While its complexity and cost could be a barrier for some, those looking for a top-tier, adaptable ride may find this to be an excellent investment.


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