Bells of Steel cable machine is incredibly versatile

The multi-tool of gym machines

The Bells of Steel Cable Tower comes in either the plate loaded version or the weight stack version. The plate loaded version ($399) is a lot cheaper but the weight stack version ($1,179.99) is a lot more convenient for changing weights. If you have the money you should probably go for the stack version because it can be such a hassle especially if you're not sure the exact weight you want for a workout.

The plate loaded version has a maximum load of 250 lbs and the weight stack version comes with 210-lb stacks. Weight plates may not be convenient but you can also use them for other stuff. There are 33 height settings for the pulleys to suit a variety of exercises. Then there are attachments like the Y-dip for doing dips, belt squat for squats, and more.

When you get two Cable Towers, you can turn them into a squat rack and get more options like level arm attachments for chest presses and leg presses. All this versatility and it only takes about 2.5′ x 2.5′ floor space. You can select the version with an additional upright for added stability or bolt it to the floor or wall to make it really stable. For the price, it's hard to find anything like the Bells of Steel Cable Tower.

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