Belgian Beast: The Ampyre Arrow E-Scooter Conquers the Off-Road

Adventurous, Powerful, Durable, Speedy, Off-Road

Picture a crossbreed of a beast and a machine. A two-wheeled marvel with an electrifying heart that echoes a beastly growl. That's the Ampyre Arrow for you. Belgian in origin and extraordinary by design, it's a testament to the future of mobility. But this isn't your standard morning commute scooter – it's a creation designed to unleash your adventurous spirit, to take you where regular wheels dread to tread.

With 29-inch wheels that remind you of a towering off-road monster, this isn't a pavement-friendly e-scooter. No, the Ampyre Arrow is built for the untamed terrains, the rugged, wild, and natural landscapes. Complemented by an extraordinary heavy-duty suspension system courtesy of the Italians at Formula, this machine ensures your rides are not just thrilling, but also comfortable.

Packed with a robust 3,000-watt rear hub motor, this beast doesn't shy away from power. It doesn't purr; it roars with the strength of 173 Nm (128 lb ft) of torque, enough to make your adrenaline spike as you surge forward. The removable 60V/30-Ah lithium-ion battery at its heart doesn't just promise a short 2.5-hour charging time but also offers an impressive range. Depending on your version of choice, it delivers 80 km (50 miles) for the Road Legal model and 50 km (31 miles) for the Off Road. So, if you're all about the journey rather than the destination, the Ampyre Arrow is designed for you.

This machine isn't a lightweight either, tipping the scales at a solid 42 kg (93 lb). But don't let the weight fool you. Its 7075 aerospace aluminum frame marries strength and agility, embodying the machine's combat-ready spirit. The wheels don a suit of Ryde Andra aluminum rims, creating a beautiful synergy between durability and aesthetics.

When it comes to speed, the Road Legal version coasts along at a comfortable 25 km/h (16 mph), while the Off-Road variant can push the limit up to 60 km/h (37 mph). With the Arrow, your adrenaline rush has a new companion.

This beast isn't just muscle and speed; it's also remarkably rugged and reliable. With an IP68 controller, and IP67 battery and motor, it's essentially a submarine on wheels, designed to plow through 1 meter of water without blinking. In simple words, it's built to withstand the elements.

From the hills of Belgium, where it was born and crafted, to your adventurous spirit, the Ampyre Arrow doesn't just redefine what an off-road e-scooter can be, but also reshapes how you see the world. With a price tag of €7,990 (about US$8,769), it's not a casual investment, but it's an investment in an extraordinary experience, in thrilling memories, and of course, in Belgian craftsmanship.

Whether you're blazing through trails or crawling over rocky landscapes, this machine offers a liberating, thrilling, and unforgettable experience. It's not just an e-scooter. It's your ticket to a world that hasn't been explored yet. The world is full of fascinating places, and with the Ampyre Arrow, you have the perfect companion to explore them. So gear up, the journey awaits.

Pros of the Ampyre Arrow:

  1. Off-Road Prowess: With its large 29-inch wheels and heavy-duty suspension, the Ampyre Arrow is designed for rough terrains and excels in off-road situations.
  2. Powerful Motor: The 3,000-watt rear hub motor delivers 173 Nm of torque, ensuring excellent performance on steep gradients and challenging terrains.
  3. Good Range: With a removable 60V/30-Ah lithium-ion battery, it offers a range of up to 80 km for the Road Legal version and 50 km for the Off Road version.
  4. Quick Charging: A 2.5-hour charge reportedly restores the battery to full capacity.
  5. Robust Build: The 7075 aerospace aluminum frame and Ryde Andra aluminum rims are built for durability and longevity.
  6. Weather Resistance: The scooter features a high IP rating, indicating good resistance to water and dust, which is essential for off-road usage.

Cons of the Ampyre Arrow:

  1. Weight: At 42 kg (93 lbs), the Ampyre Arrow is quite heavy, which might make it challenging to transport or carry.
  2. Price: Priced at €7,990 (about US$8,769), the Ampyre Arrow might be out of reach for some consumers looking for an off-road e-scooter.
  3. Limited Top Speed for Road Legal Version: The top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph) for the Road Legal version might be a bit slow for some riders.
  4. Off-Road Version Not Street Legal: The Off Road version, while faster, is not street-legal, limiting its usability in urban environments.
  5. Charging Infrastructure: Depending on the availability of charging facilities, the need to charge the scooter every 50-80 km could be a limitation for some riders, particularly in remote off-road areas.


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