Begg Knives Mini Glimpse: A Fusion of Premium Materials and Innovative Design

Elegant, versatile, high-quality everyday carry

I've travelled the world, seen and experienced a lot, and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that quality matters. It's not always about the flash and frill, but about function and form. In the everyday, it's the little things that often matter most, and that's where this little tool, the Mini Glimpse by Begg Knives, earns its stripes.

In a world where practicality dances with elegance, this tool captures that tango perfectly. With a blade of top-notch D2 steel – notorious for its superb edge retention – and a pleasing satin finish, it shines in both function and aesthetics. A modest 3-inch blade length means it is a fit companion for the urban jungle, equally adept at slicing an apple as it is at opening letters, packages, or performing other unexpected duties life throws at you. That drop point design isn't just for show, it's a hardy edge for those rough-and-tumble moments.

The G-10 handle scales – incredibly comfortable in your hand – are another testament to the harmonious blend of function and form. With a 4.2-inch handle length and a weight of 4.2 ounces, it is neither cumbersome nor feather-light, rather, it sits in that perfect sweet spot of weight and balance. That is a purposeful blend, a harmony that allows this instrument to become an extension of you, a silent partner in your everyday dance of life.

And, it's not all about the blade. The Mini Glimpse offers a stainless steel pocket clip with a ceramic ball detent for a smooth and secure carry. The jimping on the liner lock and backspacer offers that extra layer of security when in use, giving you the confidence to take on tasks without worry.

The MSRP of $99 may sound steep for a pocket knife, but let me tell you, this isn't just a pocket knife. It's a statement, an investment in quality and style. From the ball-bearing pivot type to the liner lock, the Mini Glimpse is every bit a premium tool.

If you're active, if you're constantly on the go, this is an EDC knife you'll want by your side. Its balance of form, function, and elegance make it more than a simple tool. It's an ally in your everyday life, a silent partner in your daily tasks, a reflection of your pursuit of quality. If you ask me, that's a bargain.


  1. High-Quality Material: The blade is made of top-quality D2 steel known for its superb edge retention and durability. The G-10 handle scales are designed for comfort and lasting performance.
  2. Ergonomics and Design: The balance and weight of the knife (4.20 oz.) make it easy to handle. The design is elegant and functional, with the drop point blade style offering a versatile cut.
  3. Safety and Ease of Use: The liner lock mechanism provides a secure hold when in use, ensuring safety. The flipper opener and ball-bearing pivot provide smooth functionality for easy opening and closing.
  4. Pocket Clip: The stainless steel pocket clip with a ceramic ball detent offers a smooth and secure carry, keeping the knife conveniently accessible for everyday use.


  1. Price: At an MSRP of $99, this is on the pricier side for everyday carry knives. While the high-quality materials and design might justify the cost, budget-conscious buyers might find it expensive.
  2. Blade Size: The 3.00-inch blade length might not be enough for some tasks, limiting the knife's utility for those who require a larger blade for their everyday needs.
  3. Maintenance: The D2 steel, while excellent for edge retention and durability, can be more susceptible to rust if not properly cared for, which could be a con for those not inclined to regular maintenance.
  4. No Lanyard Hole: Some knife users appreciate the convenience of a lanyard hole for additional carry options, which the Mini Glimpse does not offer.


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