Aurora Knife and Tool’s Truffles: The Roundhouse Lock Knife You’ve Been Waiting For

Safe, Stylish, Community-Made EDC Knife

There's something about holding an item that pairs brute strength with refined grace. It's like experiencing the gentleness of a titan, a contradiction that becomes an unexpectedly thrilling reality. This is the essence that defines Truffles, the newest creation from Aurora Knife and Tool.

Truffles may be a heavyweight, with its total length just over 8 inches, but don't mistake him for a one-trick pony. There's elegance in his size, a dash of sophistication that plays out in a refined profile and classic lines. This isn't just a tool for the workshop or an accessory for a hike. It's a piece that holds its own with quiet dignity, a stalwart companion in the boardroom.

The heart of Truffles, though, is not in its aesthetics but its innovativeness. A locking mechanism, the Roundhouse Lock, sets this knife apart. Traditional liner lock knives can pose a potential threat to your thumb when closing, but Truffles has none of that. This knife is designed to protect you as much as you use it to protect yourself. By simply pressing the button on the right side, the blade is disengaged and can safely fall closed, fingers clear from any harm. It's a significant game-changer in a market where safety and innovation don't always go hand in hand.

An integral part of Truffles' journey is the community it serves. A product of the knife community, this model seeks to give back to its roots. There's a pre-order campaign on the horizon, a crowd-sourced initiative that banks on the solidarity of the knife aficionados. The hope is to make Truffles not just a vision, but a reality that serves the masses.

This big boy weighs in at 4.2 oz with an impressive 3.4″ blade, carried by a 4.7″ handle. Its materials are no less stellar: an S35VN Hollow-Ground Blade complemented by a Titanium handle. Add the Roundhouse Lock to that mix, and you've got a knife that's as robust as it is secure.

Truffles offers a grip area of 3.89 inches, with a stock thickness of 0.127 inches. The blade holds a Tanto blade with a multi-grind on it, presenting a very needle-like point, perfect for piercing tasks. The blade steel is S35VN, a staple in high-quality cutlery, and its finish is a satin, lending the knife a smooth and uniform appearance. The blade hole offers multiple deployment methods, making it versatile for various applications.

Notably, Truffles' handle, despite its size, is comfortable even for extra-large hands, offering a secure grip for precise control. This knife is more than just its size, its capabilities stretch beyond, making it suitable for a range of activities and tasks.

In testing, Truffles proved its sharpness with impressive scores, faring above utility razor blade sharpness – a testament to its superior edge retention and cut performance. It’s a performer, no question about it. However, this knife, in its beauty and brutishness, is yet to be fully tested, and therein lies the next exciting chapter of its story.

Manufactured with partners in Yangjiang, China, Truffles is a testament to the unity of design, functionality, and community spirit. It's a statement piece, but also a companion that's reliable and fierce. A gentle giant, indeed, in the realm of knives.

Truffles is waiting to show you what he's made of. Are you ready for the journey? The road is wide open, and the opportunities for a tool like Truffles are as vast as the horizon. And remember, it’s not just about the destination, but the thrill of the adventure that makes it worthwhile.


  1. Innovative Locking Mechanism: The Roundhouse Lock provides enhanced safety by allowing you to close the blade with your fingers clear of the blade path, preventing potential injuries.
  2. Versatile Design: Its refined profile, classic lines, and full-sized structure make Truffles suitable for both rough outdoor tasks and professional indoor settings.
  3. Community-Centric Approach: Designed by the knife community, for the knife community, this product fosters a sense of unity and shared passion among enthusiasts.
  4. Quality Materials: The S35VN Hollow-Ground Blade and Titanium handle indicate superior durability and performance.
  5. Multiple Deployment Methods: The blade hole offers several ways to open the knife, adding to its versatility.


  1. Size and Weight: At just over 8 inches and weighing 4.2 oz, Truffles might be on the larger and heavier side for some users who prefer more compact everyday carry (EDC) options.
  2. Satin Finish: While aesthetically pleasing, the satin finish on the blade may easily show fingerprints and require frequent cleaning to maintain its look.
  3. Potential Difficulties with Front Flipper: Some users may find the front flipper somewhat tricky to use due to the position of the flipper tab.
  4. Unproven Locking Mechanism: While innovative, the Roundhouse Lock is new to the market, and its long-term durability and reliability are yet to be fully proven.
  5. Manufacturing Location: For those who prefer knives made in the USA or Europe, the fact that Truffles is manufactured in Yangjiang, China might be a point of contention.

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