Arctic Cat Alterra 600 TRV: Share the Adventure with Comfortable 2-Rider Seating and Generous Storage Capacity

Robust, Adventurous, Practical, Powerful, Comfortable

It's that sense of undiscovered, the thirst for adventure that takes you to places where few have tread, and that's exactly where the Alterra 600 TRV from Arctic Cat wants to take you. Built to withstand the rigors of an untamed world, this rugged, full-sized, two-rider ATV is an embodiment of power and reliability.

Riding this beast, with its monstrous 600cc, 45HP engine under the hood, is a symphony of throbbing power and controlled precision. This mean machine will take you on a joyride you'd want to relive again and again. And with 600 class EFI engine designed in St. Cloud, MN, it promises an adrenaline surge like never before.

But what truly sets the Alterra 600 TRV apart is its remarkable balance and poise. Thanks to its electronic power steering, you get to experience effortless handling. Every twist, turn, and curve on the trail feels smoother, as the enhanced suspension system absorbs the shocks of the uneven terrain.

The variety of models ensures there is something for everyone, from the explorers and sightseers to the tough terrains lovers. Alterra 600 TRV EPS, XT, and the LTD are all robust, reliable, and ready for the long haul. The LTD model, with its extra ground clearance, 26-inch tires with aluminum wheels, and selectable front locking differential, is quite the showstopper. It's designed for those who seek a little more – more adventure, more thrill, more challenge.

For a passenger, riding in the Alterra 600 TRV is as thrilling as it is comfortable. With a longer wheel base, multiple hand grips, a backrest, and foot rests, it promises a ride that's as memorable for the companion as it is for the driver. The large footwells ensure that comfort isn't a luxury, it's a given.

The Alterra 600 TRV is also remarkably practical, with a cargo capacity of 300-lbs. The driver-accessible storage space is ample and convenient, so whether you are on an expedition, a rescue mission, or a simple joy ride, you are always prepared. Plus, with the front and rear racks, you don't have to leave anything behind.

Should you find yourself stuck in a challenging situation, the 3,500-LB WARN Winch on the Alterra 600 TRV LTD can help you maneuver out with ease. And with a towing capacity of 1,050-lbs, this machine is equipped for work as much as play.

For those who love to stay connected and navigate effortlessly, the dash-mounted Garmin Tread Off Road GPS is a boon. While sold separately, it takes your journey to the next level, helping you keep track of routes, music and group members' locations.

To sum it up, the Alterra 600 TRV is not just an ATV; it's your partner in adventure, your comrade on the trail, your beast of burden when the going gets tough, and your joyride when you just want to let loose. To put it simply, it's a helluva ride!


  1. Powerful Engine: With a 600cc, 45HP engine, the Alterra 600 TRV offers substantial power, making it suitable for a variety of terrains and uses, from trail riding to towing.
  2. Versatility: The Alterra 600 TRV comes in several models (EPS, XT, LTD), each offering unique features to cater to different riders' needs. The LTD model, for example, offers additional ground clearance and selectable front locking differential for better control on difficult terrains.
  3. Two-Rider Design: It is designed for two riders, providing a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for both the driver and the passenger. The passenger seat comes with multiple hand grips, a backrest, and foot rests.
  4. Storage Space: The ATV offers a driver-accessible storage compartment and front and rear racks, with a cargo capacity of 300 lbs. This ensures you can carry all your necessary gear and equipment with ease.
  5. Advanced Features: Features such as Electronic Power Steering (EPS), enhanced suspension system, and a dash-mounted Garmin Tread Off Road GPS (sold separately) enhance the riding experience, providing superior control and navigation assistance.
  6. Safety and Recovery Equipment: The higher-end model (LTD) comes equipped with a 3,500-lb WARN winch for recovery situations, and all models offer a front tow hook and 2-inch rear receiver, supporting a towing capacity of 1,050 lbs.


  1. Cost: With the starting price at $10,499, the Alterra 600 TRV can be seen as an expensive investment for some potential buyers.
  2. Weight: Given its features and size, the Alterra 600 TRV can be a heavy machine, which might make it more challenging to handle for some riders, especially in tricky terrains.
  3. Limited Ground Clearance on Lower Models: While the LTD model offers an increased ground clearance of 12.25 inches, the EPS and XT models provide only 11.5 inches of ground clearance, which may limit their ability to clear certain obstacles on challenging terrains.
  4. Extra Features Sold Separately: Some desirable features, such as the Garmin Tread Off Road GPS, are not included in the base price and need to be purchased separately, which can add to the overall cost.
  5. Potential for Overheating: Despite the optimized engine orientation to keep the heat away from the riders, there could still be a potential for overheating, especially when the ATV is used in warmer climates or for long periods.


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