Zero FX: Elevate Your Riding Game with Electric Precision

Powerful, Versatile, Innovative, Electric, Adventurous

The soul of an adventurer often craves a machine that can be just as versatile as its rider. Enter the Zero FX. I've been to many places and tasted the character of countless cultures, but there's always been something freeing about the hum of a machine beneath me as I take on the unknown terrains of the world. The Zero FX promises just that – an electric dance between man and machine.

The open road beckoned, and the Zero FX responded with a surprising blend of speed and agility. Even if you push its top speed of 85 mph, the bike holds its ground. Though I found comfort keeping it around 65 mph, it's evident the bike yearns to give you more. Its instantaneous torque, a signature trait of electric motors, can be a jolt to the uninitiated. That said, if you're new to the electric world, start with the bike’s Eco mode. It takes the edge off until you're familiar with the FX's character.

There's something raw and unfiltered about riding off the beaten path. The FX, with its knobby Pirelli Scorpion MT-90 tires, is your partner in crime for such endeavors. City streets or untamed trails, it effortlessly switches its rhythm, making every ride a story worth telling.

A day’s adventure on the Zero FX is capped at about 91 miles if you're sticking to city streets, but it's a different ballgame on highways. If you decide to push boundaries at 70 mph continuously, the range dwindles to 39 miles. And while Zero promises a swift 1.3-hour charge with all accessory chargers plugged in, most folks will probably clock in a more practical 9.7-hour charge via the standard method. Every household outlet becomes a sanctuary for this steed, ensuring it's raring to go every morning.

The heart of the FX is its Z-Force battery, a testament to Zero's relentless pursuit of perfection in the EV industry. It's a resilient piece of tech, designed to last with a backing of a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty. And, for the truly restless spirit, the FX offers hot-swappable batteries. The idea? An uninterrupted journey, redefined.

Beneath the sleek profile of this machine lies an aircraft-grade aluminum frame. It’s a legacy, drawing lineage from Zero’s early motocross bikes, perfectly balanced to harness the fury of the Z-Force powertrain. Speaking of power, the FX churns out an awe-inspiring 106 Nm of torque. No frills, no noise, just pure, unadulterated power, ensuring every twist of the throttle is an experience to remember.

Onboard, the 5” TFT dash is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Pair it with your smartphone, and you've got a customizable secondary dash at your fingertips. And as the terrains change, the Showa-tuned suspension stands tall, guaranteeing that neither jagged ruts nor urban jungles can hamper your spirit.

At the heart of the Zero FX's appeal is its direct drive. The complexities of gears and chains are stripped away, replaced with pure efficiency, energy seamlessly transforming into motion.

However, every journey has its challenges, and when those moments arrive, the Bosch anti-lock brake system ensures you're always in control. For those who like to tread on the wild side, ABS can be manually switched off.

The Zero FX, with its twin projector beam headlamps and integrated fly screen, stares back at the world with an attitude, echoing the spirit of the rider. This isn't just a bike; it's an extension of the soul, a machine for those who don’t just ride but feel the road, the dust, and the wind. Riding is an experience, and with the Zero FX, it's one that's electrifying.


  1. Versatility: Adept at handling different terrains, from city streets to rugged trails.
  2. Impressive Speed: Can reach up to 85 mph, with enough power to satisfy speed enthusiasts.
  3. Instant Torque: Offers the characteristic immediate torque of electric motors, ensuring a responsive ride.
  4. Charging Flexibility: While it can be charged overnight using a regular household outlet, there's also the option of faster charging with accessory chargers.
  5. Low Maintenance: With no need for oil changes, filter replacements, or chain maintenance, it offers hassle-free ownership.
  6. Battery Tech: The Z-Force battery is power and energy-dense, designed for longevity and backed by a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty.
  7. Hot-Swappable Batteries: Enables riders to extend their journey without traditional charging.
  8. Sleek Design: Aircraft-grade aluminum frame and distinctive twin projector beam headlamps provide both durability and style.
  9. Integrated Tech: The 5″ TFT dash and smartphone pairing offer a modern, connected riding experience.
  10. Safety Features: Equipped with a Bosch anti-lock brake system, ensuring confidence in braking.


  1. Range on Highways: While city range is impressive, highway range at 70 mph drops significantly to 39 miles.
  2. Standard Charging Time: Without accessory chargers, the 9.7-hour standard charge time might be long for some users.
  3. Learning Curve: The immediate torque, typical of electric bikes, might surprise new riders or those transitioning from traditional motorcycles.
  4. Price Point: At $12,995, the Zero FX might be considered expensive for some potential buyers.

Overall, the Zero FX promises an electric fusion of power, technology, and versatility, though, like all products, it has areas that could cater to individual rider preferences or situations.


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