Yeti SB120: Experience Unmatched Suspension with Switch Infinity Technology

Versatile, Durable, Technologically-Advanced Bike

Like a jazz master, the SB120 teases you to let go of your own assumptions and preconceived notions. It says, dare to cast off your blinders, lose yourself in the ride and then, only then, figure out what this piece of equipment means to you. It isn’t about the status quo or following the path beaten by the crowd. It's about carving your own trail.

Imagine a symphony, and the SB120 is your instrument of choice. It's nimble, it's fast, it's viciously quick in the direction you choose. This isn't just about reaching your destination, it's about the exhilarating descent, the thrill of the ride, the soul-crushing power you feel beneath you.

Then there's the Switch Infinity, the groundbreaking suspension design. Imagine a fine-tuned violin, where each string is set with precision, for perfect harmony. The Switch Infinity is that finely tuned instrument, a versatile, adaptable system that provides superior control over your ride.

Its design ensures that it absorbs those nasty bumps efficiently, giving you a consistent and predictable experience, while still allowing that sense of freedom and flexibility you crave. Its unique attributes create a sense of ‘bottomlessness', an almost imperceptible transition when reaching full travel.

Couple that with the robust bearing approach, which extends the life of your bike while offering increased sensitivity, and you've got a winning recipe. It gives a heightened suspension sensitivity, a stiffer chassis, and an enhanced bearing life, ensuring that your ride stands the test of time.

The SB120 also has a universal appeal – it isn't about being the biggest or the strongest, but about delivering a uniquely tuned experience for every rider, no matter their size. The carbon layups offer a balance of lightness and durability, ensuring a feel that's precise yet forgiving.

Moving onto the gears, we've kept it simple with a threaded aluminum bottom bracket shell that's durable, clean, and easy to service. Add to this a Universal Derailleur Hanger for those unfortunate mishaps, ensuring you can find a replacement in any bike shop, irrespective of your location.

Let's talk about speed. We've redesigned the pivot system to use standard sized cartridge bearings, secured with precision, ensuring a quiet, smooth ride. And when it comes to those ‘oh shit' moments, the SB120 has you covered. Its small bump compliance provides incredible traction, while its supportive mid-stroke ensures you don’t blow through travel when you're pushing the limits.

In terms of cable management, we've got you covered. We've got internally routed cable tubes with secure closures, ensuring your ride is as quiet as possible, free of rattles and cable rub. Whether you're running a mechanical drivetrain and dropper or a wireless setup, cable management is intuitively easy.

And finally, let's touch on the frame of the SB120. It's inspired by its longer legged siblings, offering increased torsional precision and impact clearance, without any unwanted feedback to the rider. It's the perfect blend of form and function, a marvel of modern design that doesn't just look the part – it is the part. In essence, the SB120 isn't just a bike; it's an experience, a symphony of sensations that promises a ride unlike any other. And it delivers. Every. Single. Time.


  1. Advanced Suspension Technology: The Yeti SB120 is equipped with Switch Infinity suspension technology, a versatile and patented translating pivot system. This sophisticated mechanism promises greater sensitivity, longevity, and strength, effectively absorbing bumps and providing consistent and predictable suspension performance.
  2. Efficient and Versatile: The Switch Infinity system adapts to various travel platforms, ensuring it can provide a wide range of kinematics and control ride characteristics more precisely than other suspension designs. This results in a ride that is well-balanced between speed, agility, and comfort.
  3. Lifetime Warranty: The bike comes with a lifetime warranty, indicating confidence in the product's durability and quality.
  4. Durable and Innovative Frame Design: The frame silhouette, inspired by its longer-legged siblings, enhances torsional precision and impact clearance without transferring unwanted feedback to the rider. This makes for a smooth ride even in rough conditions.
  5. Size-specific Design: The SB120 is thoughtfully designed to accommodate riders of all sizes. Each frame size has a specific chain stay length and seat tube angles to ensure comfortable and efficient pedaling for all riders.
  6. User-friendly Maintenance Features: The bike incorporates several elements that make maintenance easier. This includes a threaded aluminum bottom bracket shell and a Universal Derailleur Hanger, which can be replaced easily if damaged.
  7. Wide Range of Models and Pricing: The SB120 comes in a variety of models with varying components and price points, making it accessible to a broad audience.


  1. Price: The top-tier Yeti SB120 models are quite expensive, starting at $10,900 and going up to $12,100. This could be a deterrent for riders on a tighter budget.
  2. Weight: Even the lightest version of the Yeti SB120 weighs 27.3 lbs, which is on the heavier side for a cross-country mountain bike. The weight could potentially affect uphill performance or transport convenience.
  3. Lack of Dropper Post in Lower Models: While the advanced models do feature a dropper post, some of the lower models do not, which could be a disadvantage for riders who frequent technical trails.
  4. Complex Suspension Technology: While the advanced Switch Infinity suspension technology is a pro, it may be a con for those who prefer simpler designs or who are not confident maintaining such a complex system.
  5. Limited Rear Travel: The 120mm rear travel might be limiting for some riders, especially those who prefer more aggressive or downhill riding styles.

From $6,300

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