Acerbis X-Elite Hand Guard: Crash-Resistant Shield for Your Off-Road Journey

Durable, protective hand guard solution

Venturing into the untamed wilderness on your E-Bike, MTB, or Minicross? Acerbis has got you covered. Their X-Elite Hand Guard is a must-have accessory for any off-road enthusiast who values both safety and style.

Imagine this. You're racing through the dense forest, gnarled branches reaching out as if to grasp your bike. Cold wind is whipping past you. Debris from the rough terrain is flying up. But with the X-Elite Hand Guard, you're armored against all these elements. This little piece of equipment shields your hands and your bike's control units like a seasoned bodyguard.

Built from a blend of materials that includes 20% nylon, 70% polypropylene, and a 10% dash of other ingredients, this hand guard marries lightness with durability. It's compact, but don't let its size fool you. It can handle a crash with the grace of a cat landing on its feet, thanks to the thermoplastic construction. This is not just a guard, it's a guardian.

Mounting it onto your bike is a breeze. The openable collar system means you won't have to perform surgery on your handlebar control units just to get it in place. This feature alone would be enough to justify the $49.95 price tag, but there's more.

Ever thought about the safety of your brake and clutch pumps? Well, Acerbis has. The X-Elite Hand Guard sports a removable spoiler designed specifically to shield these vital components. It's like an extra layer of armor for the heart of your machine.

So, whether you're riding an E-Bike, MTB, or Minicross, Acerbis has a universal mount for you. And with the included mounting kit, you'll be able to strap on your X-Elite Hand Guard and get back on the trail in no time.

To put it simply, the Acerbis X-Elite Hand Guard is a formidable blend of protection and convenience. So, take my advice: go out, live your adventure, but don't do it without this trusty accessory. Happy trails, my friends.


  1. Protection: The Acerbis X-Elite Hand Guard provides ample coverage for your hands and your bike's control units, safeguarding against branches, debris, and cold.
  2. Durable and Lightweight: With a construction comprising 70% polypropylene and 20% nylon, this hand guard is built to withstand crashes while still being light enough not to impede your ride.
  3. Ease of Installation: The openable collar system and included mounting kit make for a hassle-free installation process that doesn't require disassembling handlebar control units.
  4. Additional Spoiler: The removable spoiler adds an extra level of protection for brake and clutch pumps, a unique feature not found in many other hand guards.
  5. Universal Fit: Designed to fit all E-Bike, MTB, and Minicross handlebars, the hand guard is versatile and adaptable.


  1. Material Composition: While the blend of materials offers durability, the 10% of unspecified ‘other' materials could be a concern for some.
  2. Price: At $49.95, the hand guard might be considered a bit pricey for budget-conscious riders.
  3. One-Size-Fits-All: Though the universal fit is a pro, it could also be a con. For some riders with non-standard handlebars or personal preferences, the hand guard might not offer an optimal fit.
  4. Aesthetic: While functionality is excellent, the design might not appeal to everyone. Some riders might prefer a more streamlined or minimalist look.


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