Yamaha XSR900 GP: A Nostalgic Ride with Modern Performance

Retro, Powerful, Technologically-advanced, Stylish, Nostalgic.

Stepping back in time while firmly planted in the now, the Yamaha XSR900 GP is a spectacular mashup of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology. You can almost hear the roar of the ‘80s Grand Prix as you look at this machine, with its design so evocative of the iconic YZR500 race bikes. It’s a heart-stopping tribute to Yamaha's legendary racing heritage, and boy, does it have stories to tell.

Now, let's peel back the layers. Underneath that heritage-styled exterior, Yamaha didn’t hold back. We're talking about adjustable KYB suspension, Brembo front brakes, ABS braking, and a laundry list of electronic rider aids. The power is no joke either, with a triple-cylinder mill cranking out 117.4 hp and 93 Nm of torque. The throttle feel? It's like it's begging you to ride spiritedly, to push the limits just a little bit more. And with a higher top speed and better acceleration, courtesy of its aerodynamic properties, why wouldn’t you?

But it's not all about the specs and performance. This bike is a feast for the eyes. From the front fairing and seat hump that could have been lifted straight from the ‘80s, to the rotary-forged aluminum wheels and Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 rubber, every detail has been meticulously chosen. It’s like Yamaha raided the coolest parts bin from the past and the present, and the result is simply stunning.

Now, while it might look like it belongs on a racetrack in the ‘80s, the XSR900 GP is very much a creature of today. The new switchgear, bar-end mirrors, and the 5-inch full-color TFT display with smartphone connectivity ensure that you're as connected on the road as you are with the bike's racing spirit. And with the Yamaha Ride Control and 6-axis IMU managing the suite of rider aids, you’ve got technology working overtime to keep the ride smooth and responsive.

The XSR900 GP speaks to the soul. It's a bike that captures the essence of a time when racing was raw and unfiltered, yet it doesn’t skimp on the amenities and advances that today’s rider demands. It's a delicate balance, a perfect storm of style, performance, and nostalgia. And it's a ride like no other – thrilling, evocative, and unabashedly cool. Yamaha has outdone themselves with this one.


  1. Nostalgic Design: The Yamaha XSR900 GP masterfully captures the essence of 1980s Grand Prix racing with its heritage-inspired design, making it a visual treat and a nostalgic ride for enthusiasts.
  2. Advanced Technology: Despite its retro looks, the bike boasts state-of-the-art technology, including adjustable KYB suspension, Brembo front brakes, and a comprehensive suite of electronic rider aids.
  3. Powerful Performance: With a 889 cc triple-cylinder engine delivering 117.4 hp and 93 Nm of torque, the XSR900 GP promises a thrilling and spirited riding experience.
  4. Enhanced Aerodynamics: The design not only pays homage to the past but also enhances the bike's performance, offering better acceleration and a higher top speed thanks to its aerodynamic properties.
  5. Modern Connectivity: A 5-inch full-color TFT display with smartphone connectivity ensures that riders can stay connected and have access to all necessary information on the go.
  6. Rider Aids and Safety: The inclusion of a 6-axis IMU that controls an extensive suite of rider aids, including traction control, ABS, and more, ensures a safer and more controlled ride.


  1. Premium Price: The Yamaha XSR900 GP, with its high-end components and design, comes with a premium price tag, which might not be accessible to all riders.
  2. Not Beginner-Friendly: Given its powerful performance and sporty nature, this bike may not be the best option for novice riders.
  3. Limited Customization: The distinct design and heritage elements might limit how much a rider can customize the bike to their personal preferences.
  4. Potentially Overwhelming Technology: For some riders, especially those not used to modern electronic aids, the extensive suite of rider aids and connectivity options could be overwhelming.
  5. Seat Comfort: While the seat design aligns with the bike's overall aesthetic, it might not provide the level of comfort desired for longer rides.
  6. Weight: At 200 kg when fully fueled, the XSR900 GP is on the heavier side, which could affect maneuverability for some riders.
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