Yamaha FX Limited SVHO: The Ultimate Power Package on Water

Power, Comfort, Versatility

Sometimes in life, you stumble upon a masterpiece that leaves you simply stunned, and the Yamaha FX Limited SVHO is just that – a testament to engineering audacity and the pursuit of perfection on the water.

Starting at a cool $19,999, this state-of-the-art watercraft pulls out all the stops to deliver what can only be termed the “ultimate power package”. It is quite the substantial beast, weighing in dry at 877 lbs and stretching a good 140.9″. Yet, don’t let its size fool you. This vessel is designed to seat up to three people comfortably, and with its 18.5-gallon fuel tank, it promises hours of fun on the open water.

The heart of this marine marvel is the 1.8L Super Vortex High Output Marine engine. Supercharged for your pleasure, it unleashes more power and torque than any WaveRunner before it, giving you that thrilling rush as you race across the waves, the wind in your hair, the salt spray on your face.

However, the FX Limited SVHO is not just about raw power. It's an intelligent beast too, with features like a 7″ Connext infotainment system that provides GPS-ready mapping and smartphone connectivity. The LED-lit, watertight glovebox has its own dedicated area for your smartphone, complete with a USB port and a 12V power outlet. Convenience personified.

Yet, what truly sets the FX Limited SVHO apart is its customizability. From the Garmin Striker GPS Fish Finder for those tranquil fishing days to the single-rider tube, tube inflator, and tow rope for those thrill-seeking moments, the FX Limited Accessory Package offers an impressive array of options. The custom-designed Yamaha cooler, designed to fit snugly in the bow compartment, is a perfect touch for those long days out on the water.

If you plan to make this watercraft a part of your fishing expeditions, the FX Premium JetFish Package has you covered. It comes with a Multi-Use Rack, a branded cooler, rod holders, cupholders, and tie-down straps. It is truly the ultimate fishing accessory.

For the more laid-back, the FX RecDeck Lounge and Beach Package could be the perfect addition, providing a comfortable lounge chair and saddlebags. And of course, there’s the RecDeck Shade Kit to keep you cool while lounging in the sun.

In a nutshell, the Yamaha FX Limited SVHO is not just a personal watercraft – it's an experience. It offers not only an adrenaline rush, but also a zen-like tranquility that only the rhythmic dance of the waves can provide. It is in its own class, and the ride… well, that's something you have to feel to believe.


  1. Powerful Engine: The FX Limited SVHO houses a supercharged 1.8L Super Vortex High Output Marine engine, delivering unparalleled power and torque for exhilarating performance.
  2. Comprehensive Accessory Package: It comes with a variety of accessories from a Garmin GPS Fish Finder to a custom-designed Yamaha cooler. These additions cater to a multitude of leisure activities on the water.
  3. Advanced Technology: With a 7″ Connext infotainment system, offering audio controls, smartphone connectivity, GPS-ready mapping, and more, this watercraft brings high-tech to the high seas.
  4. Versatile Customizability: From fishing to lounging, there are ample additional packages to tailor your watercraft to your lifestyle needs, making it a truly personalized experience.
  5. Substantial Fuel Capacity: The 18.5-gallon fuel tank ensures extended trips on the water without constant refueling interruptions.


  1. Pricey Investment: Starting at $19,999, the FX Limited SVHO is a significant financial commitment. Additionally, optional accessory packages can add to the overall cost.
  2. Hefty Weight: Weighing 877 lbs, the SVHO is quite heavy. This could make transportation and handling more challenging, especially for novice riders.
  3. Size: The considerable length of 140.9″ might pose some storage issues, particularly if space is limited.
  4. Complex Features: While technology-packed, some users might find the high-tech features a bit overwhelming and complex to use, especially those less familiar with such systems.
  5. Limited Seating Capacity: Despite its large size, the SVHO only seats up to three people, which might limit its appeal for larger groups or families.


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