WTB’s Silverado and Volt Reinvented: Your Trusted Comfort Now More Advanced

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The world changes constantly. We trade our antiquated phones for the latest models, we swap out our worn-out clothes for fresh new threads, and we always, always seek out the new, the improved, the next big thing. Why, then, should our bike saddles be any different?

A bicycle saddle, in its essence, is the dialogue between the human body and the machine beneath it. The world-renowned masters at WTB, realizing the need for evolution, have enhanced their beloved Silverado and Volt saddles, reshaping the conversation between rider and bicycle.

The Silverado, a saddle renowned for its comfort, now boasts a shorter 265mm length. It's not just about being modern, it's about functionality. A slightly flatter profile, reduced perineal pressure, and seamless on-off transitions speak of a refinement that arises from attention to detail and a deep understanding of the rider's needs. They’ve trimmed off the extraneous, focusing on what truly matters: rider comfort and the power of performance.

The Volt, like the Silverado, has been a favorite of riders across the globe. Its legacy is its comfort. The new Volt maintains that soul, while wearing a refreshed modern look. It is the perfect blend of the old and the new – a refined aesthetic and a trusty soul.

Both the Silverado and Volt now feature WTB's pioneering Fusion Form base technology. This is not just a new fancy buzzword. It's a tangible, meaningful advancement. This technology allows for a tailored flex profile in each saddle, a harmony of comfort, support, and durability.

With Fusion Form, the padding of the saddle is recessed into the base, offering an aesthetic sleekness without compromising on padding thickness. It’s a minimalist design, with clean lines and an elegant look. And the choice of sizes and materials for the Silverado and Volt caters to a wide range of riders, ensuring everyone can find their perfect fit.

The rebirth of the Silverado and Volt is part of a larger movement. Alongside the recently introduced Gravelier and Devo saddles, these enhanced classics are the vanguard of a new era of WTB saddles. This is only the beginning.

If you're an active person who doesn't just sit on a saddle but interacts with it, understands it, feels it – then this update is for you. You know the saddle is not just a part of the bike but a part of you, a crucial intersection of the ride. Trust the evolution. Embrace the change. Your ride just got better.


  1. Enhanced Comfort: Both the Silverado and Volt have been updated to provide superior comfort, which has been achieved through extensive on-trail testing and pressure mapping technology. This has resulted in a flatter profile that reduces perineal pressure.
  2. Improved Transition and Performance: The Silverado's shortened length allows for smoother on-off transitions and offers the opportunity for riders to shift forward and maximize power output on steep climbs.
  3. Advanced Technology: WTB's new Fusion Form base technology enables a more precise balance of comfort, support, and durability, tailored to the intended use of each individual saddle.
  4. Aesthetically Pleasing: The recessed padding of the saddle creates a sleek aesthetic without reducing overall padding thickness. The minimalist design and clean lines make these saddles visually appealing.
  5. Variety of Options: The Silverado is available in narrow or medium widths, and the Volt in a medium width. This, coupled with different rail material options, gives riders the flexibility to find the saddle that suits them best.


  1. Potential Adjustment Period: Some riders might initially find the redesigned profiles and shorter lengths unfamiliar and require a period of adjustment.
  2. Price Range: The pricing varies greatly depending on the rail material, which could potentially be a hurdle for some customers, with the highest price point reaching $249.95 for carbon.
  3. Limited Sizes for Volt: The new Volt is only available in a medium width, which might not cater to all riders' preferences.
  4. Design Preference: The modern, minimalist look might not appeal to riders who prefer a more traditional or ornate saddle design.
  5. Availability: For riders eager to switch to the updated models, availability could be an issue depending on the demand and supply chain.

From $47.95

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