Kokopelli Twain-Lite: Redefining Adventure with the Ultimate Lightweight Packraft

Durable, Comfortable, Efficient, Versatile Packraft

Ever thought about truly wandering off the beaten path, moving beyond the earth's solid embrace to the ever-changing canvas of water bodies? A piece of gear has surfaced on the market that might just be the perfect companion for such an adventure. Let's dive into the Twain-Lite, a packraft born under the banner of Kokopelli, a brand with its namesake being a Native American symbol of trade, travel, and mischief.

Now, there's a certain seduction to a vessel that promises to be your trustworthy sidekick in flatwater escapades. The Twain-Lite isn't merely a dinghy that you can stow away in your backpack; it is an invitation to redefine adventure and explore untouched corners of the world. It beckons the adventurous souls who can't resist a multi-day excursion, whether that includes bringing along a bike, extra gear, or a fuzzy companion.

They say the devil is in the details, and the Twain-Lite, with its 840d nylon reinforced TPU floor, is all set to dance with the devil, promising to withstand the rigours of the wild. Adding the Leafield D7 valve, a feature torqued and not welded, offers the promise of maximum repairability, a crucial factor when you are on the go, far from civilization. An optional TiZip zipper to store gear inside the packraft is just another example of how the Twain-Lite has kept explorers' needs at the forefront.

The Twain-Lite takes an impressive leap ahead by offering a design focused on reducing drag and boosting speed. The sleek, 5-panel construction, along with the piercing bow and an increased waterline, is more than just good looks. It means business, making each stroke more efficient and making those marathon days on water seem like a breeze.

Comfort is a non-negotiable factor for many, and the Twain-Lite delivers. A larger hull design means more space, a more comfortable cockpit that can handle your extra gear, larger coolers, and tackle boxes, or perhaps an additional small adventurer, be they a four-legged friend or a little human.

A special nod to the practicality of this packraft – the removable tracking fin for enhanced stability on long paddles, Mil-Spec nylon gear loops to secure your gear, and a 4-way adjustable back support for added comfort. It's clear that the Twain-Lite was designed with the explorer in mind.

To wrap it up, Kokopelli's Twain-Lite seems to be much more than a mere floating device. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to enabling people to chase their adventurous spirit, giving them the freedom to explore in ways they might have only dreamed of. The Twain-Lite isn't just about getting from point A to point B; it's about the journey and the myriad experiences you might encounter along the way. And isn't that what life's about? The grand, wild, unfettered adventure… Take the leap, make a splash, and let the Twain-Lite take you where the wild waters flow.


  1. Lightweight and Packable: A top attribute for any adventure gear, the Twain-Lite's compactness and portability allow for easy transportation during hiking or biking trips.
  2. Durability: The 840d nylon reinforced TPU floor ensures that the packraft can withstand a good deal of rough handling, making it an excellent choice for rugged adventures.
  3. Versatility: Whether it's a bike, extra camping gear, or your pet, this packraft has the space to accommodate it all, making it an all-in-one solution for multi-day trips.
  4. Efficient Design: The piercing bow and increased waterline, coupled with a sleek 5-panel construction, reduce drag and enhance speed – an ideal feature for those long days on the water.
  5. Comfort: The larger hull design provides a spacious cockpit that can comfortably accommodate additional gear or an extra passenger.
  6. Repairability: The torqued Leafield D7 valve ensures maximum repairability, a vital feature when you're far from civilization.
  7. Enhanced Stability: The removable tracking fin provides extra stability for long paddles, making it easier to maintain direction and control.


  1. Limited to Calm Waters: While a fantastic option for flat, slow-moving water, the Twain-Lite may not be suitable for rapids or high waves due to its design.
  2. TiZip Zipper is Optional: Having to purchase the TiZip zipper separately to store gear inside the packraft might be seen as an inconvenience or added cost for some users.
  3. Cost: At $1,099, the Twain-Lite might be considered expensive for casual or budget-conscious adventurers.
  4. Attachment Points: With only four attachment points on the bow and two on the stern, securing larger or more complex pieces of gear may be a challenge.
  5. Size: While its large size is a pro for comfort and storage, it could be a con when it comes to manoeuvrability in tighter spaces or narrow waterways.


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