Withings Activité – Fitness Tracker Disguised as a Beautiful Watch

There are many reasons why some people stop wearing fitness trackers:

  1. they don't work out anymore
  2. their fitness tracker is uncomfortable
  3. fitness trackers don't look good
  4. fitness trackers don't blend with their wardrobe.

When it comes to looks nothing is quite like the Withings Activite'. Created by a team of prestigious designers in Paris and entirely swiss made, the Activite' not only does what most fitness trackers do like track steps, swimming, running, calories burned, and sleep; it automatically shows you the exact time in whichever time zone you happen to be. Tap the responsive glass twice to check the time of your alarm clock, which is set via its smartphone app.

$399 but the Activité has evolved into ScanWatch and may again evolve in the future.

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