WAU Cyber: Unleashing High Range E-Bikes with Versatile Power Options

High-range, versatile electric bike models

In the sprawling landscape of electric mobility, it can be challenging to spot the next big thing. But sometimes, an unexpected innovator bursts onto the scene, compelling even a jaded cynic to sit up and take notice. Such is the case with WAU, the cheeky UK startup with an audacious message – “We Are Underdogs.” Their latest offering, the Cyber, has got me intrigued.

This isn't just a run-of-the-mill e-bike, my friends. The Cyber is a machine – a manifestation of a future where technology and individuality converge. The bike is available in three, limited-edition mid-drive motor models, each catering to a unique breed of adventurer.

First off, let's talk about the 250-W version. With 70 lb.ft of torque, it's ideal for those locales with stringent restrictions, cruising at a decent 15.5 mph. If you're stateside, you've got more choice – a 250-W 28 mph ebike, or a bolder 750-W model for those who fancy a bit of excitement in their commute. In Europe, this guy is a L1e-B vehicle.

Now, for those who crave adrenaline-pumping thrills and don't mind straddling the line between an e-bike and a moped, there's the 5,000-W beast, a machine that laughs in the face of offroad challenges and gets you speeding up to 55 mph.

One of the true marvels of the Cyber is its high-capacity battery pack, boasting Samsung 21700 cells. The range varies depending on the model, with the 250-W e-bike pushing up to an impressive 200 miles per charge at the lowest assist level. The 750-W model will net you 160 miles, while the big kahuna, the 5,000-W, could run for up to 60 miles between top-ups.

A standout feature is the boost button, a clever innovation allowing you to switch between the main and an optional second battery without a hiccup in your journey. They've thought about us gadget lovers too, with these battery units also doubling as power sources at home or during those camping escapades.

The Cyber has a distinctive design ethos, featuring an angular 6061-T6 frame that also provides 8 liters of integrated storage. Its suspension forks from KKE and RFID ring-powered startup provide an elegant marriage of functionality and high-tech flair.

For those concerned about the tires, the standard ones are puncture-resistant Duro road tires. Off-road enthusiasts can upgrade to Kenda tires if they prefer. And, of course, there are the custom fenders for those who like to keep things clean.

The Cyber's built-in RGB lighting lends it a vibrant glow while the Bluetooth-enabled smart color LCD display provides an interactive experience. Adding an extra layer of security is the optional global GPS tracking via Emnify and a custom rear-wheel lock.

The Cyber is currently on Indiegogo, aiming to fund its production. The starting price is $2,999. I must caution you though, as with all crowdfunded projects, exercise due diligence. But if everything lines up, we might be seeing these babies on the streets by February 2024.

With limited availability – just 25 of each model – these Cybers could indeed become coveted rides. WAU seems to be taking the electric mobility world by storm, and it has certainly got my attention. It's proof that sometimes, the underdog can pack quite a punch.


  1. Multiple Options: The Cyber comes in three different motor models – 250-W, 750-W, and a 5,000-W version. This range allows potential buyers to select the model best suited to their lifestyle and riding needs.
  2. High Range: Depending on the model, the Cyber offers a substantial range between charges – up to 200 miles on the 250-W model. This makes it an ideal choice for long rides or even daily commutes.
  3. Integrated Storage: The angular 6061-T6 frame provides 8 liters of integrated storage. This is a great feature for those who need to carry gear or other items while riding.
  4. Safety and Security Features: The Cyber includes a number of security features like global GPS tracking and a custom rear-wheel lock. Also, a blind-spot radar can be added as an option, enhancing the safety profile of the bike.
  5. Versatile Battery Use: The battery units can also be used to power gadgets at home or while camping, adding to the versatility of the product.


  1. Price Point: Starting at $2,999, the Cyber is not exactly cheap. It might be a deterrent for those looking for a more affordable e-bike option.
  2. Crowdfunding Risks: Since the Cyber is currently raising production funds on Indiegogo, there are risks associated with crowdfunding such as project delays or non-fulfilment.
  3. Limited Availability: With each model limited to just 25 units, not everyone who wants to get their hands on one might be able to do so.
  4. Requires Driving Permit for Moped Operation: For those who want to operate the 5,000-W model as an electric moped in the US or Europe, a driving permit is required, adding an extra step to the ownership process.
  5. Lack of Established Track Record: WAU is a relatively new and small company in the e-bike industry. While this doesn't necessarily reflect negatively on the quality of the Cyber, it may be a concern for buyers who prefer well-established brands.


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