Vuzix Labs Smart Swim lets you watch movies while you swim

Vuzix Smart Swim

Improve your swim with entertainment and specialized training

There are a number of devices that track your runs and other workouts but few track your swims or does as much as the Vuzix Labs Smart Swim.

The Smart Swim is a head-up display computer that can be installed on your normal swimming goggles, giving it superpowers to help you become a better swimmer and keep you entertained while you swim.

Here are the features of the swim trainer:

  • vibrant full color display
  • wifi for streaming videos
  • bluetooth 4.0 for post analysis and sharing session results on your phone
  • accurate GPS mapping
  • 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer for accurate tracking
  • physical buttons for on-screen navigation
  • Android operating system
  • compass headings
  • displays elapsed time
  • records workouts
  • display current pace
  • display lap timer
  • display current pace
  • 7-hour battery life

In short, the Smart Swim provides you with detailed real-time training feedback, records your stats for analysis later, and provides you with video entertainment. It can be used to track pool swims or open water swims.

What about sound?

There is no mention of bone conduction technology or anything related to sound on the Smart Swim literature except for 'Bluetooth Audio' in the technical specifications. We're not sure what bluetooth audio means in relation to the Smart Swim.

As far as we know, the only way to listen to audio underwater with today's technology is through bone conduction speakers, which seem to be absent from the Smart Swim. 

So if you're watching a movie in the water with the Smart Swim, it's going to be a silent movie.


  • Head-up display
  • Can display video
  • Displays training information in real time
  • Probably more accurate than most swim trackers


  • Expensive
  • Seems like a gimmick
  • No sound (probably)


At $499, the Vizix Labs Smart Swim is quite expensive and if it true that it doesn't have audio, it's probably not worth it. Though, it'd be interesting to know how it'd be like to watch a movie in the water with your head moving all the time. As an alternative, check out the Galerdo Beker Pro Swim Tracker and Music Player.

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