Nike Adapt BB 2.0 is bouncier and better than the last one

The problem with Adapt BB 1.0

When the original Nike Adapt BB came out in 2019, it created a lot of buzz. The Nike HyperAdapt (without the "BB") was the first 'self-lacing' shoe available to the general public and it had a running shoe style design. The Nike Adapt BB was adapted to basketball and designed to be used in a professional sports setting. Some NBA players were even spotted using them during a game even though NBA officials restricted their use i.e. they're not allowed to tighten them during the game.

The Nike Adapt BB was great and people loved it but it wasn't perfect. It's called a self-lacing shoe but it's more like self-tightening than self lacing. The shoes are already laced to begin with. Adapt shoes just tighten them up for you.

The biggest problem with the Adapt BB 1.0 is that they're already snug to begin with and it can be a bit of a pain to put on. For casual use, you might not even want to tighten them or just tighten them slightly to keep the blood on your feet flowing.

Tightening the Adapt BBs though gives you a lot of support and makes them feel like they're part of your feet. For playing basketball, you should definitely be tightening them up.

Easier to put on

Ideally you should be able to slip on the Nike Adapt BBs without even having to touch them. This is not the case with the BB 2.0.

However, according to Nike it is easier to put on than the Adapt BB 1.0. They did it "by removing the Flyknit shroud, opening up the collar and integrating a stretchable ballistic mesh throughout the upper."

We expect it to be better with the Nike Adapt BB 3.0 if they're ever going to make them. Perhaps, not limit themselves to the laces when it comes to tightening and maybe get the heel to open up so you can slip on your feet effortless.

The heel in the Adapt BB 2.0 already has that weird shape on it, like a spoiler for shoes of sort. Maybe they can fit some electronics on there to get it to open up.

For better performance

Nike didn't want the Adapt BB to be just about 'self-lacing'. They wanted to be about performance on the court as the well.

To make the Adapt BB 2.0 bouncier than the 1.0 version, Nike added Air Zoom Turbo to the forefoot like they did with the Kyrie line.

Air Zoom Turbo is designed for quick start-and-stop play. It delivers wide forefoot cushioning and delivers an explosive return of energy.

Nike also reconfigured the midsole stack height to improve the transition from heel to toe while moving.


  • Self-Lacing
  • Attention to detail
  • More bounce
  • Better heel to toe transition
  • Easier to put on than original version


  • Expensive
  • Cannot slip on handsfree
  • The weird spoilers on the heel seem to have no point


The original Nike Adapt BB was $350. The Nike Adapt BB 2.0 is $400. For that extra $50, you get a design with more attention to detail, a better fit, more bounce, and better movement.

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