Instabeat – Swimming Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor for Swimmers

Know your heart rate while you're swimming to get the most out of it with the Instabeat. It fits on any pair of swimming goggles and measures your heart rate through the temporal artery so there's no need for chest straps.

You also get other useful information out of the Instabeat like the number of calories burned, number of laps, flip turns, and breathing patterns. All this information can be synced to your computer.


  • Allows you to see your metrics on a screen
  • Measures your heart rate for optimal training
  • Fits most goggles


  • Expensive


The Instabeat accurately measures your heart rate while you swim. If you want to optimally improve your swimming endurance, this data is critical since it tells you when you're training in the aerobic zone so you can improve faster and don't overtrain.

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