Vonmercier Arosa Electric Hovercraft looks like a racing car

First truly modern hovercraft design

The Vonmercier Arosa Electric Hovercraft has a design unlike any other before with its sleek sports car look and side air intakes that could easily be mistaken for wheels. It features a body and hull molded from carbon fiber with a maximum weight capacity of 500lbs to accommodate up to 3 passengers.

Powered by 3 electric motors, the Arosa can reach speeds up to 50 mph and cruise at 20 mph while hovering 6 to 8 inches above any surface, which allows seamless transition between land and water. It uses a 400V li-on battery to give a range of up to 80 miles and about 3 hours of run time.

The Arosa also features an innovative HoverDrive technology allowing it to manoeuvre in the forward, reverse, and lateral direction using intuitive car-like controls for easy driving and navigation.

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