Volkl V-Cell 1: Experience Unmatched Control with Power Arm Technology

Power, control, comfort in tennis

My dear friends of the open court, lend me your ears. I've traversed countless landscapes and embraced cultures far and wide. But today, allow me to introduce a product born not of my travels, but from the minds of our good friends over in Germany. Enter the Volkl V-Cell 1, a racquet that doesn't just play the game, it changes it.

Like an orchestral symphony, its features blend harmoniously to compose an exquisite masterpiece. First and foremost, it boasts a Power Arm located in the throat. Unlike traditional designs, this allows the string bed to move more freely, bringing you control and power that dances on the line of uncanny. More than that, it dampens the harsh vibrations that can make tennis feel like a workout for your arm rather than a dance on the court.

Now, let's talk weight and balance. At 255g (or 9oz for the imperialist), the V-Cell 1 strikes a delicate balance between heft and handling. Its extended length of 70.5cm coupled with a head heavy balance ensures you can reach those distant shots without sacrificing control. With its 16×17 string pattern, you'll find that the ball sticks to your racquet like a well-flipped pancake, giving you the extra spin you need to confound your opponent.

But the magic doesn't end there. It makes use of REVA, a revolutionary material replacing standard EVA in the handle, giving you a racquet that doesn't just dampen vibrations, it enhances your feel and feedback through the handle. Let your racquet become an extension of yourself, and the court, your canvas.

Another intriguing feature is the V-TEX butt cap, crafted from silicone polymer. This isn't your grandfather's hard plastic; it resists cracking, shrinking, and moving, while also damping harmful vibrations, offering you a more comfortable grip and feel.

The Volkl V-Cell 1 is built with a carbon fiber graphite material known as V-Cell. This makes for a stronger, more resilient racquet that not only lasts longer but also provides unmatched performance. Essentially, it's like having a trusty steed that not only takes you into battle but also ensures you emerge victorious.

And then there's the Power Arm, an engineering marvel that swings freely upon the string bed contacting the ball. Coupled with the Super Grommet technology and Precise Power beam shape, this baby gives you not just power, but control and an enhanced sweet spot. Just like the perfect ingredient, it amplifies every aspect of your game.

Last but not least, the V-Sensor technology inserted into the butt cap is like the cherry on top. Imagine a shock absorber for a skyscraper during an earthquake. Now imagine that technology in your tennis racquet, absorbing up to 75% of harmful vibration. It's not just arm protection – it's arm salvation.

In the end, the Volkl V-Cell 1 isn't just a piece of equipment. It's a companion, an ally, a tool to elevate your game to realms unknown. Be it for a weekend hit with friends or the championship match, this racquet might just be the secret ingredient for your success. So go ahead, give it a swing, and let the game of tennis become a whole new adventure.


  1. Power Arm Technology: The unique placement in the throat of the racquet aids in ball cupping for better control and smooth, controllable power. The design also absorbs more vibration, adding to the comfort of use.
  2. Weight and Balance: At 255g and with a head heavy balance, it offers an optimal blend of stability and manoeuvrability. This makes it versatile and suitable for players of varying skill levels.
  3. Advanced Material Usage: V-Cell material and REVA provide enhanced durability, better dampening of vibrations, and increased stability. This means better performance and longevity for the racquet.
  4. Comfortable Grip: The silicone polymer V-TEX butt cap not only resists cracking and moving, but also dampens vibrations, ensuring a comfortable grip.
  5. Super Grommet Technology: The incorporation of Speedgrommet and V-Sponse material allows for a larger sweet spot, better control, and more energy return to the ball.
  6. V-Sensor Technology: This feature absorbs up to 75% of harmful vibration, leading to better feel and outstanding arm protection.


  1. Possibly Overwhelming Power: The Power Arm and Super Grommet technology might generate more power than some players are used to, potentially leading to over-hitting until adapted to the racquet.
  2. Price: Retailing at $269.99, the V-Cell 1 is on the higher end of the price spectrum. Budget-conscious consumers might find this cost-prohibitive.
  3. Learning Curve: With its numerous technological advancements and unique features, it may take some time for players to fully adapt and make the most out of this racquet.
  4. Racquet Comes Unstrung: Some players might find the fact that the racquet comes unstrung inconvenient. The need for professional stringing adds an additional cost and preparation time before the racquet is ready for play.
  5. Limited Suitability for Beginners: Given its advanced features and the level of skill needed to fully exploit them, beginners might not benefit as much from this racquet.


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